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Taylor Harris (AntVenom)

Taylor Harris (AntVenom)

Taylor "Hank" Harris a.k.a AntVenom is a YouTuber.

Taylor "Hank" Harris (born: March 29, 1990), better known online as AntVenom, is an American Minecraft commentator noted for his victory of the first three Minecraft Survival Games.

He originally ran a Runescape series, which contained comedic skits based on the game, and later got into Minecraft. His most known series is a series titled Hunt for the Golden Apple, a Minecraft series in which he tries to find a Golden Apple in a Dungeon. He is also well known for a series titled Aether Mod Adventure, a series in which he plays with the Aether mod for Minecraft. He also did a series titled The Aether II, a series in which he plays with the mod's newly revamped 2.0 stage. He is also well known for a Survival Games series he made with xRpMx13.

AntVenom used to date Grailmore, stated via Twitter. On Twitter, Ant stated that Grailmore and Ant went their separate ways. Like how SkyDoesMinecraft has a hatred of squids, he has a hatred for cows. AntVenom is known for his PvP and parkour skills. AntVenom has also appeared as a character in HappyHour's animated series "Minecraft: The N00b Adventures" in which he plays himself. The scripts for his videos are written by Michaelmcchill.

Since 2014, his channel has stopped growing despite him uploading, and his channel froze at 2 million subscribers. After some struggle with YouTube, he declared a break from YouTube and would return sometime later. He has discussed why his channel suddenly fell out of the algorithm's favor, and concluded that his video types are too dull and cannot attract old viewers that have seen the same type of content hundreds of times. He would then enter a new phase of his channel when he stopped uploading let's plays and focus on discussing the game's core mechanics, exploring the limits of Minecraft and breaking Minecraft multiple times, which e calls "AntVenom 3.0" as the next phase after "AntVenom 2.0". Since then, his videos began attracting newer audiences and amassed 3 million subscribers.



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