Tailored Games

Tailored Games

Tailored Games is a browser-based games curated for kids and family.

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Tailored Games


Browser-based games curated for kids and family


Tailored games is a website for free browser-based games. It provides a multi-category games which can run on browsers with standard web technologies without third-party plugins. The games include standalone single player games and multiplayer games for kids and adults.


Tailored games is built using the WordPress content management system and MyArcadePlugin, a plugin that enables embedding arcade games from multiple game distributors for WordPress. The website curates games for kids with educational games including reading, mathematics, and history quizzes. For adults, it includes games including shooting, racing, and trivia games. The main categories of games include arcade, puzzles, driving, strategy, jump and run, and multiplayer.

Most games do not need registration while some multiplayer games from third-party services need an account. Games are made with standard web technologies to work with the latest browsers in the mobile and desktop operating system.

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