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TON Diamonds NFT

TON Diamonds NFT

First NFT on TON

The first NFT for The Open Network

TON Diamonds are 10,000 unique NFTs created just for The Open Network.

It will be listed on marketplace (first NFT marketplace on TON).

Every diamond is a lottie-animation — a perfect blend of code and visuals. We’ve dedicated lots of time and energy to create truly unique multifaceted shapes. You can see yourself how brilliant they have turned out. 

Diamonds will open up many new opportunities for their holders. For example, we are planning to incorporate the NFTs from our collection into Tonkeeper, a top-notch crypto wallet for Toncoin. At the same time, we are negotiating with other teams to integrate TON Diamonds into other services on the Network. This way, Diamonds holders will have additional privileges when using products based on the TON blockchain. 


NFTs will make your account more unique: you’ll be able to replace a standard gem with a TON Diamond which will be displayed both in your wallet and in the explorer account.


Every TON Diamond can be composed of up to 7 properties:shape, color, size, the number of facets, glow, background and the shine – a property of truly unique pieces.


They are united by our desire to be NFT pioneers in The Open Networkblockchain. With an extensive background in IT, they have worked on projects with audiences of more than a million people. TON Diamonds isn’t our firstproject for the Network, and it will very soon come to light.


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