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Subspace Network Ambassador Program

Subspace Network Ambassador Program

Complete information about Subspace Network Ambassador Program to earn Unknown(Unknown) with howto instructions, rewards, links, dates and descriptions

Subspace Network has annonced Subspace Network Ambassador Program.

Subspace is an open, scalable platform for both storage and compute that is fully interoperable with any layer one.

Ambassador Benefits

Provide direct contributions to something you are interested in, gaining amazing experience along the way:

Resources: Direct access to the Subspace team and Lead Ambassadors for education and support

Early Access: Priority access to the Subspace testnets, apps, events, hackathons,and more

Networking: Access to private ambassador group and regular calls with the team and other ambassadors

How you can contribute

You can choose an area to contribute, depending on your skills and the area in which you want to grow:

Community: help to build a blossoming community of farmers

Technical: be among the first cohort of farmers and provide feedback

Content: write articles and create videos with Subspace support

Design: сreate NFTs, stickers, visual graphics, and other artwork

Translations: create accurate translations to help increase Subspace`s reach

Leadership: help set the standards of Subspace community,

Establishing the way forward for a truly decentralized protocol


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