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StatMuse is a an AI-based sports statistics company.

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Sports statistics AI company

StatMuse is a an AI-based sports statistics company.


StatMuse is a creative technology company that uses artificial intelligence and dynamic animation to provide sports statistics.

The company was founded in 2014 and is backed by Disney, Techstars Ventures, Greycroft, the NFL Players Association and NBA Commissioner Emeritus, David Stern.

Technology and Data
  1. When the user asks a question, the input is processed using Speech-To-Text.
  2. The meaning is extracted using NLU (Natural Language Understanding), and the answer is looked up in a proprietary database.
  3. After this, NLG (Natural Language Generation) is applied, and a voice is picked from over twenty-five voices based on the team or league.
  4. Voice audio is generated using speech synth, and a visual creative is added.
  5. The platform then plays a reply and the conversation continues.

StatMuse provides a variety of data through its system, including season-by-season coverage dating back to 1946. Examples include game-by-game coverage for points, field-goals made, and free-throws made, game results and team standings, real-time scores and stats, and coverage for all other official statistics dating back to 1984-85.

StatMuse is powered by the personalities of over 25 sports stars, including Peyton Manning, Todd Gurley and Scott Van Pelt.

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