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Startup Invest

Startup Invest

Startup Invest is a financing platform for start-ups.


Startup Invest is a Switzerland-based company with a financing platform that is intended to connect leaders from start-ups, investment entities, and corporate industries.It mainly works with early-stage and late-stage start-ups in deep-tech industries. Since the company's inception in 2003, more than 1,500 start-ups have used Startup Invest's services and offerings. The company mainly offers opportunities and events for collaborations among start-ups and investors.Some companies that have used Startup Invest's services include IBM, Roche, and Swisscom.


The company organizes events that can be attended by members of the company and are sometimes open to the public. The purpose of the events varies and some events are for matchmaking among start-ups and investors, and other events are for workshops and presentations. Investors, both domestic and international, can become members of Startup Invest by paying an annual membership fee. With the membership, they access benefits such as curated start-up factsheets and recorded start-up pitches.

Startup Invest also offers masterclasses taught by veterans who are experts in their fields. Subjects include pitching basics, valuation, and due diligence. The masterclasses are available in virtual format on the company's website, and there are premium masterclasses available for members.


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