We're introducing a new version of Your Library to Premium users that mixes form with function. Everything about the reimagined Library is designed to get you to the content you want faster. It also makes getting started and staying up-to-date with podcasts on Spotify a seamless, personalized...
EU regulators will decide what steps to take regarding Spotify's complaint about Apple once they get a response from the iPhone maker, Europe's antitrust chief said on Monday.
A milestone for the music streaming giant coincides with a bumpy entry into India.
A vibrant start-up scene, which has spawned stars such as Spotify, Skype and Rovio, is inspiring Nordic pension funds to invest more money with local private equity funds.
We believe that technology achieves its true potential when we infuse it with human creativity and ingenuity. From our earliest days, we've built our devices, software and services to help artists, musicians, creators and visionaries do what they do best. Sixteen years ago, we launched the iTunes...
Apple Inc said on Thursday Spotify wants all the benefits of a free app without being free, as the iPhone maker responded to the audio streaming service provider's complaint with European Union antitrust regulators.
Back in August, we announced that Spotify had been named Samsung's new go-to music service provider, bringing a more seamless, multi-device listening experience to their users. We're excited to share that we've brought our partnership to the next level. Spotify will be pre-installed on the newest...
Spotify Technology SA, the world's most popular paid music streaming service, said it racked up more than 1 million unique users in India across its free and premium tiers since launching less than a week ago.
Spotify, the world's most popular paid music streaming service, launched in India on Tuesday, stepping into a price-sensitive market crowded by well-funded local players like JioSaavn and Apple Music.
The Swedish firm faces competition from several local rivals in the fast-growing digital market.
NEW YORK (AP) -- Spotify is making a bigger bet on podcasts as it looks to bring a Netflix-like model of original programs to the audio world. The music-streaming pioneer gobbled up two podcasting companies, Gimlet and Anchor, on Wednesday.
Every year, a handful of musicians realize their dreams with a coveted nomination for Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards. The annual ceremony, now in its 61st year, also honors performers, albums, songs, and composers from across genres and the globe. Spotify hosts an event each year focused on...
The music streaming service has settled a lawsuit brought by Wixen Music Publishing.
India finally has its answer to Spotify after Reliance Jio merged its music service with Saavn, the startup it acquired earlier this year. The deal itself isn't new -- it was announced back in March -- but it has reached its logical conclusion after two apps were merged to create a ...
As the UK's celebrates National Album Day, Spotify says albums "can still be absolutely monumental".

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