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Speakers Trust (previously Speakers Bank) is a national network of professional trainers, speakers and facilitators operating within the UK.

Speakers Trust is the trading name for SpeakersBank is a company limited by guarantee and registered in England under no. 6740655 and is the training arm of the charity Speakers Trust registered charity no: 1139377. Speakers Trust has trained over 110,000 individuals with a focus on building self-confidence and communication skills. Speakers Trust was founded by Sue Warner in 2002 at the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund offices.


Speakers Trust works extensively in the education, not-for-profit and community sectors, helping individuals from state schools, charities and corporations to use their voices to bring about positive change. Their vision is for every young person to able to speak confidently and be heard. Their mission is to create a pathway for young people, from primary school through further education, ton enhance their speaking and communication skills.

Every year Speakers Trust trains over 40,000 young people nationwide. The training workshops focus on building confidence through interactive skills training. This empowers young people from all backgrounds to become confident communicators, raising self-belief, improving employability and providing the opportunity to progress in life.



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