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Space Heroes

Space Heroes

Space Heroes is an NFT Play-To-Earn Community Driven Game with mining, staking and much more inside the metaverse. Is time to create business in game also play as fun and collect valued NFTs. Lets go Heroes !

Space Heroes is a futuristic blockchain game based on many of the stories

we know related to the end of the world. In this story a group of astronauts, the

best in the world selected by the human race go out in search of habitable planets

and resources necessary to save the human race of the imminent death of our

planet earth due to overexploitation of resources and the ecosystemic collapse.

In this metaverse of astronauts you will be able to execute different activities,

which will provide valuable goods called NFTs. These goods can be of various types

and different uses but, always leave passive and active prof its to the players,

making Space Heroes a Play-To-Earn game managed by the community and the

creators as a team.


As players and investors in other projects we realized that the community wants

to go in one direction while the creators go in another. The community really

needs to have fun and earn money, it is reality. Our goal is to create a real-time

game where players interact with each other creating business within the game,

collaborating and growing, which in addition to being a game is an income system

for the community, with additional subsystems by the users. We want to be

creators where we interact with each other community-creator and not just leave

them to their fate. Resource and asset sharing has become popular, Space Heroes

brings this hot wave of NFTs business. From the f irst day, Space Heroes has had

total transparency and we established a Suggestions and Voting system, g iving the

community the opportunity to CHOOSE the various options that we can g ive them

and not just choose us and hope that the community will simply accept it, to this

we call Community Governance. Space Heroes is very focused in GamePlay and

Play-To-Earn users experience.


We are focused on creating a win-win income machine. Our initial concept is based

on g iving the community the option to earn more with less. It is an Airdrops

strateg y where the community takes more instantaneous, short and long-term

benef its, with fewer risks since it does not make investments, a great part of our

drops are free. We name it Community-Market Maker, people set up the prices of

our NFTs in dependence of their case of uses and other facts.

For investors there are also benef its that include monthly drops, and if you are one

of those who loves to play, there is a whole metaverse where you can complete

tasks and do business with the rewards obtained or owning Hangar, L aboratory and

much more earning commissions for the rental or use of these assets.


February 23, 2022

We move as a team. Yankiel is strategizing the next step and organizing it.

BaymaxValero is developing the Onbely project. To then be one of the first modules to connect to our metaverse.

@Onbely is an Artistic community and a few days ago we launched a Social Network dedicated to the NFT universe. Some of our users in our community are already members, it is an idea that is taking shape step by step and we are already working on the different logins to connect with all the blockchains. This will allow you to share your own nfts, create your fan group or debate about NFT projects, advertise your collection, do airdrops, giveaways, win tokens and more... this could be the place you need, a social network dedicated to the NFT universe where all content creators and communities interact together on the same goal: NFTs.

Content creators can request their account verification and obtain the advantages that this gives.

If you don't have an account yet, you can register here:



We add to our hangars the possibility of blends of:

-DMMT Tools

- LAX and NAN Tools

- Hangars

- VIP2

-Collector Pack

-Mole Pack

- Hunt Pack

If you still don't get any of these, just wait for them to finish updating in the system, the recipes were updated in the case of the old ones and the next announcement we will share the reason for these blends, the objective and the benefits.

February 20, 2022
Hi Heroes, I will be back (fully working) by Monday. I will ready with calm and patience the 4000+ messages among discord and some missed points in Telegram. Do you want news ? New updates ? We will release them, now enjoy your weekend and enjoy the ride, do not make unnecessary moves with your investment or assets, wait for what is coming of you are not sure about what to do, DO NOT listen others, DYOR. Space Heroes is a different proposal which want to give you stability along the way to become a MMORPG with his own DAO system and the governance based on military (astronaut) ranks, to help us to take the right curse about what is coming and the 70% of the community become to be part of SH Command Center. So, for now, let’s us the hard work and don’t lose your hope , remember, “ the size of the hard times : mean the size of the good times coming”.

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