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Sky and Space Global

Sky and Space Global is an Australian nanosatellite company focused on IoT networks.

Sky and Space (SAS) is a satellite enterprise with communication nanosatellites and software expertise. The company's core business is to provide communications infrastructure and services based on nanosatellite technology and deploy highly sophisticated software systems that launch, maintain orbit, control, and manage global communications network in space.

The company is developing a planned constellation of 200 nanosatellites in an equatorial low Earth orbit for narrowband communications that the company expected to cost $160 million to complete.

Communication services

For communication services, SAS operates the company's nanosatellite constellation, including inter-satellite links, to create a narrowband network. The infrastructure, together with a software suite to enable ground-to-space and space-to-space connectivity, will support communication solutions including IoT verticals, messaging, and voice calls with global coverage for communications on land, at sea, and in the air.

SAS services have been used for asset tracking, monitoring, and alert reporting to provide asset visibility even in remote locations; for fishing fleet services for keeping crews in communication even beyond cellular reach; and for data collection and transmission capabilities to support ground-to-ground, ground-to-space, and space-to-space communications. The company's services offer monitoring and reporting for a variety of purposes in all locations and otherwise inaccessible areas.

Spectrum monitoring and reporting

Through SAS's orbiting nanosatellites, the company conducts space-based radio frequency intelligence campaigns and S-band global spectrum monitoring for a range of purposes including:

  • RF activity surveys
  • Spectrum interference and activity identification
  • Geo-location services
  • Compliance activities

This can include custom developer RF survey campaigns to meet specific spectrum monitoring needs. SAS polar orbit satellites can collect RF data for pre-defined areas of interest during satellite passover. They can collect, collate, and communicate real-time data for the management of an assigned spectrum. This can also include feasibility studies, interference identification, and the identification of spectrum availability.


For use by various organizations, SAS offers the company's satellites for space-based research and development labs for hire on a subscription-based plan for telemetry access. The company offers support, supervision, and guidance during project development and execution. As well, SAS offers near-real-time data on the Earth's magnetic field through onboard magnetometers and sun sensors. And the company offers support into the investigation of new waveforms, the designs of new modems, and the design of new communication protocols for one-way and two-way services for IoT.

Software products

SAS offers a suite of software subsystems and architecture that provide a backbone for the aspects of space mission activities, including ground control, in-flight and satellite control, and cloud and network functionalities.

The payload management suite offers software and applications installed on nanosatellites, using a suite of modules to power aspects of on-board satellite and payload operation. For ground device units, the software installed on end-user ground devices and ground infrastructure points includes gateways, ground antenna sites, and mobile devices. And for the company's external network services suite, the cloud and network segment software enable data transmission between networks and external servers, including customer servers, satellite operation centers, and network operations centers in a secure way.

Engineering services

SAS offers engineering services from the company's team of aerospace system engineers. The company is capable of providing outsourcing solutions to new space companies to provide technical expertise and a suite of solutions covering all aspects of proposed space missions. The other services and capabilities include:

  • Mission scoping and development
  • Requirements engineering and technical writing
  • System and sub-system design
  • Performance and budget analysis
  • Review preparation and oversight of projects
  • Space mission planning and analysis
  • System verification, validation, and functional testing
  • Human-machine interface design
  • Onboard algorithms and monitoring design
  • GNSS solutions and analysis
  • Satellite insurance and risk analysis consultancy
  • Spacecraft licensing consulting


January 28, 2021
Sky and Space Global Ltd. recapitalizes and relaunches itself as Sky and Space Co. Ltd. following shareholder approval.
November 1, 2020
Virgin Orbit is to take a 14.7% stake in the ailing Sky and Space Global (SAS), SAS announces.
January 2019
Sky and Space Global raises a $85,680 grant from EASME.
November 24, 2015
Sky and Space Global was founded by Meir Moalem.

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