SkySafe is a U.S-based drone defense and airspace control solutions founded by Scott Torborg.

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DroneU.S-based drone defense and airspace control solutions.


SkySafe provides drone defense and airspace control solutions. It was founded in 2015 in San Diego, CA.

SkySafe is a company that provides airspace defense and control solutions for errant drones using radio wave technology. The company was founded in 2015 by Grant Jordan and Scott Torborg. SkySafe aims to provide simpler and safer counter-drone technology for its customers. The company’s headquarters is located in San Diego, California.


SkySafe offers fixed, mobile, and temporary drone defense solutions.


SkySafe provides defense against drones by employing radio frequencies that would automatically stop unauthorized drones from entering certain areas. The same mechanism would also give permission to drones that have been approved to enter airspace undisturbed. These frequencies will be transmitted from highly mobile equipment, allowing them to be attached to moving vehicles.


Since 2016, SkySafe has managed to raise $14.5 million in capital through three funding rounds, with its most recent being a Series A held in July 2017. This round managed to collect $11.5 million. The company has received funding from 12 investors, with one of them as lead investor. Previous investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Red Sea Ventures, Zach Coelius, Semil Shah, and Naval Ravikant.


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Grant Jordan

CEO, Co-Founder

Scott Torborg

CTO, Co-Founder

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