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Skryabin (band)

Skryabin (band)

Is a Ukrainian music band that has gone from synth-pop, post-punk and techno to pop rock and pop music

Skryabin is a Ukrainian music band that has gone from synth-pop, post-punk and techno to pop rock and pop music during its career. The composition of the band has also changed many times. The only permanent member of the band from its inception until his death was Andrew "Kuzma" Kuzmenko. As a rule, the band's music is divided into "old" (approximately until 2003) and "new" (until 2015) periods.

Scriabin is the first Ukrainian-language band in the genre of synth-pop and alternative electronics. During its career, the band has released seventeen studio albums, two compilations, nine maxi-singles, one live album and many other music projects.

History of the band

The band was formed in 1989 in the city of Novoyavorivsk, Lviv region, on the wreckage of a number of local rock bands that united around the studio "Spati" (Studio of Pathological Silence). Three years earlier, in 1986, Andriy Kuzmenko met Volodymyr Shkonda. They both had common musical tastes. At first they listened to music, but later decided to play it themselves. Kuzmenko played the piano and Vladimir played the guitar.

In 1987, Andriy Kuzmenko recorded the songs "And so it is", "Brother", "Lucky Now" (it is sung by Andriy Kuzmenko's cousin). Andrew plays in the band "Chain Reaction", performing at school discos.

In 1988, in Novoyavorivsk, Rostyk Domishevsky founded his first group "Nasha Kantora" and the studio "Spati", which later joined Andriy Kuzmenko and Igor Yatsyshyn (who later died at the hands of a drunken stepfather). Then Andrew played dance music. At the same time, Andrew participates in such groups as the Association of Gentlemen, Uko, Coffin, Death Time Boys, Resuscitation. Andriy Kuzmenko also had his own solo projects. Songs such as "Soul and Flesh", "Love Me To Death", "Lisa (Olya)", "Texas Song" were recorded at that time. Soon all these teams disintegrate and a number of their former members form the first line-up of the future "Skryabin" - Andrew "Kuzma" Kuzmenko (vocals, lyrics, music), Rostislav "Roy" Domishevsky (bass guitar, lyrics, music), Sergei "Shura" Hera (keyboards), Igor Yatsyshyn (drums) and Alexander "Skryaba" Skryabin (sound design). Kuzma mentioned about this:

"We got together somehow so spontaneously. In general, all this Scriabin is something like that, maybe even a little cosmic, that is, it has never obeyed any rules. We didn't do it specifically - we just did it because we were thrilled. And at some point we realized that we could make something normal out of it."
Beginning 1989-1991

The decision to record the song "Feel The Pain", as well as its Ukrainian version of "You Hear the Pain" and the instrumental version of the newly formed band was made on May 30, 1989.

Scriaba volunteered to be the sound director, Rostyk played the bass guitar, Shura played the keyboards, Yatsyshyn was put on the drums, and Kuzma played the honorary role of vocalist, author of lyrics and music. Although Kuzma himself remembers the level of his vocals with fear and shame. The recording was performed on a reel-to-reel tape recorder. Surprisingly, the newly formed band did not run away after the recording, but decided to continue working, for which they involved in the filming of Volodymyr Zaykovsky's music video and continued to record new songs. The album "You Hear the Pain" consisted of 12 songs. The songs of the magnetic album, recorded on "Spati" until December 1989, were duplicated in English versions. Some songs were first written in English and then translated into Ukrainian. The recording of the album and the active life of the band ended with Roy's conscription into the army.

The name "Skryabin" appeared in the summer of 1989. Zaykovsky, going to send the video to an avant-garde festival in Moscow, "reasonably asked what to call it all in the headlines?". Scriaby was not with them at the studio at that time. The band members decided to "substitute" him and named the band after him. Although they liked the word itself: short, a little exotic, easy to remember. Yes, and the name coincided, because there was another Alexander Scriabin, a famous composer, however, Russian.

The following year, the national team of the Spati studio called Sitting Together went to the first avant-garde festival Vyvykh in Lviv. In 1991, Scriabin performed on the big stage for the first time in a slightly changed line-up. Kuzma, calling Shura, who came on vacation from Belarus, Scriaba and Cur (Andrew Sturma), with the name "Andrew Kill" went to Zaporozhye for the second festival "Red Route". There they played three songs: "Olya", "Lonely Prisoner" and "On the Roof (Good)". The latter took third place in the pop genre, which still remains a terrible mystery for the band members, as it was then performed very low and off-topic fake vocals frightened Kuzma. After the "Red Route", "Andrew Kill" signed an unfortunate contract, which "Scriabin" unanimously called the worst in its history. It was concluded with the Lion Studio, and its term was 13 years. But thanks to this agreement, they were able to record the album "Language of Fish" at the "Lion Studio", which became Scriabin's first material, which was released on cassette and was distributed during the year thanks to the efforts of "Bard" (Vitaly Bardetsky, friend of the band).

The first performance of the band "Skryabin" in the first lineup took place in 1991 in the military unit. Shura's comment on this concert:

There were two men and two hundred soldiers in the hall, and they kept shouting and throwing their hats up

In 1992, the band was invited to collaborate with the first production agency in Ukraine, Rostislav Show, whose director was Rostislav Shtyn. Having received free rental of good, at that time, musical instruments and the first stable salary, they recorded in the studio "Spati" the first serious musical material - the album "Technofight". With this material, "Skryabin" toured a small city concert tour with a "live" sound.

All serious plans and intentions cracked at one point - "Rostislav Show" ceased to exist. "Technofight" remained in the amateur record and only three tracks: "Sam", "Do not die", "In your eyes" were recorded in the studio of the agency, later they were included in the album "Language of Pisces". Some of the other songs were also "specifically reworked" and re-recorded, after which they were included on the band's next albums.

With the recording of the song "Nobody Needs It" from 1993, the band suspended its activities.

At that time Kuzma and Shura were studying, Rostyk went to Moscow for the first time. With Bard's help, the band made several adventurous trips to Germany during this period, including the Berlin Independent Days. In Berlin, they made real friends - the world-famous band "Camouflage", whose leader Gaiko Mile gave Scriabin their first own keys "AKAI". Scriabin played in nightclubs in the styles of new romance and techno. It was at such performances that Kuzma and young Shura began experimenting with DJ equipment and modern sounds, which a few years later resulted in the music project "Molotov-20". Travels to Germany took place on the old "Victory", which Kuzma partially mentioned in the book "I, Victory and Berlin".

The period of severe downturns, when the band was on the verge of collapse, ended in mid-1994, when Taras Gavrilyak (Teri), a former employee of Rostislav Show, offered the band his management. He was a man with certain connections and great energy. Having collected some of her acquaintances' money, borrowing some money even from her own parents, in the autumn of 1994 Teri forcibly dragged Kuzma, Rostyk, Shura and Scriaba to Kyiv, where the album "Birds" was recorded for seven nights. Before that, they rejected two studios that "didn't suit them at all."

The first success. 1994—1997

Kuzma recalls:

Quite by chance, we came to the studio "Nova", where we were very surprised to see the computer program "Master Tracks Pro-5 [en]", with which we were already familiar. The arranger of the studio Jean Bolotov helped us to "enter" in the subtlety of sound cacophony. It turned out to be easy and convenient, and the sound suited us. We had to meet deadlines because we had a limited amount of money. ($ 600 donated by an unknown patron). Then they recorded vocals for two days and performed for three days. Interestingly, the most popular songs - "Birds", "Exhausted", "Wise because dumb" came out most likely. When we arrived, we didn't know what we were going to write. We accumulated the whole musical version from scratch. Nothing came to mind, and we began to remember some of the old things - "L'amour Attack", "Plans", "For example". And for the song "That's for us" I'm still a little ashamed, because it was invented in 15 minutes and was like a post on the album. We also wrote "Birds" in 20 minutes. Shura and I almost fought over this song. I invented my own party, he invented his own. Everyone defended their point of view. In the end, they left both. And the name of the album came as if by itself: the fact is that the song "Birds" is not a remix, but a completely new composition. We doubted for two weeks, but then left the name.

The album "Birds" became the first work that brought "Scriabin" popularity throughout Ukraine. From the period when this album was recorded at the Nova studio, a new period began for the band. The album was released on cassettes in the spring of 1995 (released by Kyiv Eurostar) and in the autumn on CD (Caravan CD, which covered all recording costs), but compositions from it began to appear in the autumn of 1994. in various charts. By March 1996, 600 CDs and 4,000 cassettes had been sold, almost 2,000 of them in Lviv alone. The pirate album "In the Sky" appeared there instantly.

During 1995, Skryabin took part in many festivals and events (52 in total - commercial and non-commercial). They also gave many concerts (once 25 concerts in three weeks). Festivals - "Melody'95" (first place for the song "Birds"), "New Stars of the Old Year" (second place), "Wind from the East", "Music Sandwich", "Maria", "Berlin Independence Day", " Popso Franco "," Donetsk invites friends "," Forum for the Diaspora from Canada "," Tavriya Games-1995 "," Musicians against drug addiction and alcoholism ".

In 1995, the studio "New Space" recorded the album "Molotov-20", which after a quick break with the studio remained unpublished. The music on the album was, according to the participants, "pure avant-garde", but the audience accepted only old and famous songs. The material was then handed over to Teri without any hope of publication.

In the program "Soundpark" Kuzma and Shura solemnly presented the first sample of the CD "Birds". Kuzma took this disc to the Carpathians, where he buried it with a CD player and wrote a will according to which the burial place will be made public in 100 years (2097), and everyone will be able to dig up the treasure and listen to the CD. The same was done with the discs "Fairy Tales" and "Language of Pisces".

Nova Studio, watching the success of the young team, willingly offered them a permanent contract. On January 1, 1996, a one-year contract was signed, according to which the band had to record their new material on "Nova". "Skryabin" has already worn off in the capital's circles, Shura was fascinated by the rave and actively wrote the last tracks on "Molotov-20", and Rostyk went to Moscow again. In all the interviews of that time, Kuzma was quite categorical about the fact that he and Shura are the backbone of the band, and Rostyk and Teri "belong to the people who come and go." From the beginning of the contract period, Kuzma wanted to release three albums at once, one of which had to be performed live and with the participation of friends of the band. But all three projects merged into one. "Fairy tales" were recorded for six months. The material for the album was taken from all old albums, except "Languages ​​of Pisces".

The project of uniting many musicians was reflected in the invitation to record "Fairy Tales" of a large number of friends of musicians. Jean Bolotov and Oleg Barabash helped with the music; Scriabin's great friends and colleagues sang and played - Andriy Pidluzhny (Nichlava) and Konstantin Taranenko from Nichlava Blues, Gennady Dyakonov from Bilyk, Oleg Laponogov from Tabula Rasa, Oleg Komlach, Lesyk Turkov, Vitaliy, Vitaliy . People from Lviv responded, even Yarka Yakubyak from the band "Dead Rooster" arrived, but did not have time to record it. For the new year 1997, the album "Fairy Tales" was recorded and compiled in two parts, and "National Audio Company" (NAC) received material for reproduction. The clip for the track "Train" began to spin even the first version (the second version of the clip in 1997) and took first place in the hit parade of "Territory A". At the same time, the band reissued the album "Language of Fish" at the "Lion Studio". Reprinted with the best quality, the album differs in content by 50% from the "Lviv record". The album was released simultaneously with "Fairy Tales", but it was not advertised. Choosing "which album to buy?" the musicians gave to the listeners. Most fans liked the "new-old" album rather than "Fairy Tales".

On May 30, 1996, the "Territory A" competition, called "Territory - Dance", took place, in which Scriabin competed with the groups "Green Gray" and "Aqua Vita". Scriabin's victory was planned in advance, and it took place with a score of 4: 1. However, the fact that the scenario was originally planned caused outrage among the "scrapers". At the Tavriya Games-96, Scriabin received the honorary title of "Best Pop Band of the Year". They also received an award - a cruise, and Kuzma went to Turkey. Shortly afterwards, Kuzma and Shura, as well as Rostik, who occasionally appeared, got on Nova and started working. In November, there was a break for the shooting of the video "That Annoying World", which turned out to be extremely successful and immediately reached the top of the hit parade "Territory A", with which Scriabin collaborated.

Kuzma and Shura were under constant pressure from Teri, Yuri Nikitin (producers of Nova and Irina Bilyk) and Territory A. They all actively tried to change the band's music policy according to their tastes and views. Scriabin sacrificed time for the Nova studio - the whole summer the band traveled as a "warm-up" for Bilyk's concerts (at that time it was more popular and famous). In many cities, the band even established the image of "dancing" Bilyk. Kuzma's famous words at one of the concerts: "People, I know that you did not come to us, but the time will come - and we will assemble the same halls ourselves." However, despite the role of non-leaders, Kuzma is still grateful to NOVA and Bilyk (with whom they sang the duet "Silence" in 2003).

In the fall, Kuzma made his debut on UT-2 as the host of the music page in the program "Bomb", although the program did not last long on the air.

In the second half of 1996, Terry managed to negotiate with Caravan CD to release the Molotov-20 disc, dubbed Molotov-Zwanzig. He did it as a surprise, not telling anything to other members of the band, who were then stunned by such a gift.

After finishing work, Kuzma and Terry decided to break up, Terry remained the producer of "Molotov" and became director of the group "Tabula Rasa". The press release said: "It is unconditional that Teri's contribution to Scriabin's career is really great, and unfortunately, the incompatibility of characters does not allow us to work together".


At this time, Rostyk returned from Moscow, who energetically took up all affairs at once, becoming a producer, manager, bass guitarist and press attaché. Since the new year of 1997, the contract with Nova has been extended for another year. The band's concert activities resumed. Since January 1997, the clip "That Annoying World" - a constant advertisement of the band - has left "Territory A". Already on January 13 in the "Parade of Hit Parade" in Kyiv "Train" took 6th place, "Wise because dumb" - 17th. And three days later, the company "NAC" released not one, but three cassettes of the group: "Fairy Tales" (Volume 1, Volume 2) and the long-awaited "Language of Fish", which Oleg Litvinenko gave a "new face". From this day begins the "golden age" of "Skryabin", who was able to tell his "Fairy Tales" throughout Ukraine with the help of cassettes with the ephemeral physiognomy of Kuzma. "Fairy Tales" created a temporary excitement around the band. The attitude of critics towards the band has fundamentally changed, and the band itself has chosen a new image.

During March, several soloists took place, the money raised from which went entirely to purchase new equipment for the Spati studio. Negotiations began with Global Ukraine to open a web page on the Internet, which was carried out on June 4, 1997 with the help of the company's directors Yuri Korzh and Viktor Forsyuk.

In May 1997, the band performed a lot. Several concert versions of old songs were recorded - "Operator", "Dance of the Penguin", "Cold Taste".

On May 23, 1997, something that all the "scrapers" had been waiting for happened - with the support of Dines Trade, the first solo concert in the band's history took place at the Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers. It lasted about two hours, and from time to time fish swam on the big screen and fragments of old films shot in Novoyavorivsk by Zaykovsky appeared.

In June, Scriabin gave 22 concerts, which did not have a very positive effect on the performance of the band members. On June 15, the day when the boys gave a solo concert in Vinnytsia, the Molotov-20 cassette and the Fish Language CD were officially presented on the Caravan CD in Kyiv.

On July 2, 1997, Kuzma's statement was posted on the official website: "Finally, a bunch of glands that have been preventing me from going home for five months can be proudly called 'Sleep.' Thank you to the children from the company "BITA MUSIC" - they gave us the opportunity to pack, like normal Yavoriv, ​​up to the eggs! ".

On July 5, the band unexpectedly became the "Most Popular Alternative Band" of 1997. Initially, they were to compete with Tabula Rasa in the Best Pop Band category, but suddenly the aforementioned nomination appeared, and the band received the festival's award, the Firebird Feather.

On the Independence Day of Ukraine on August 24, Scriabin gave a concert in Lviv in the afternoon, after which he flew to Kyiv, where he also gave a concert on the occasion of the holiday.

On November 4, Kuzma, Shura and Rostyk gave a long interview in the "Territory A" program, in which they first published the address of the All-Ukrainian Fan Club "Scriabin" "Fairy Tale".

November 20 is the official opening day of the Spati studio in Kyiv.

In January, Kuzma hosted a CD ROM program on Supernova Radio under the name DJ Smith, and played live music on records. And in the autumn of 1997, after the release of "Fairy Tales" and when Kuzma was again more impressed by neo-romance, taking with Rostyk his old English nicknames, with the help of Roman Kalmuk from the radio "Capital" began to broadcast their own program "Cage" the music they like. The program could be heard every Sunday from 9 pm to midnight, but only in the capital, and if Rostyk or Kuzma were in Kyiv.

The Song of the Year concert took place in Kyiv on December 14, where Scriabin won the Best Alternative Band of the Year nomination.

On December 17, Scriabin won the nomination "Best Alternative Band" in the "Parade of Hits" "Territories A" and "12-2". The musicians decided to prove their alternative by going out to perform songs in costumes with ties. Kuzma announced: "Song" Clock "! Words - me! Music) (looked at Roy and Shura)… me too! ” And to receive the award, the band came out in New Year's tiger masks.

After the New Year, the musicians worked in a new studio, solving financial issues. From January 6 to 9, they were in Novoyavorivsk, where they celebrated Christmas and Shura's birthday with his parents. Returning after that, "Skryabiny" conceived an unprecedented action - the official congress of representatives of fan clubs, sponsored by the Green Party.

This congress took place on January 18, 1998. About 30 people came to it, 15-20 of them from other cities. Representatives of fan clubs and the media were informed about Scriabin's cooperation with the Green Party, who were presented with advertising calendars, T-shirts and postcards of the band and the Green Party.

After that, a "green" tour of Ukraine took place from March 2 to 27. Along with Julia Lord, who also took part in this tour, the song "Dirty as an Angel" was recorded. After the tour, the band recorded a new album for several months, which was released in July under the title "Penguin Dance". Even before its release, a music video for the title song was shot and promoted. At the same time, the album "Seks" for Molotov-20 was recorded.

From August 1 to 4, Scriabin again took part in the Tavriya Games, where he was nominated in seven nominations at once - a festival record.

The solo concert took place in Lviv on August 23 and in Kyiv on the 24th. After this concert, the band rested until mid-October. At this time, the label Boom Records released a CD with a re-recorded album "Technofight".

On October 24, new songs were presented in Lviv: "Striptease", "Own Space", "Medor" and a cover version of "Behind the wheel" by the band "Depeche Mode" "I am your passenger". It was decided that the album "Worm" will be released in two versions - large and limited.

On December 7, 1998, at the Melorama concert in Zaporizhia, the songs "Vmer", "Lig spati i vmer" and a new version of "Striptease" were presented. "Penguin Dance", "Victory" and songs from the new album - "Clay", "Medor", "Own Space", "I'm Your Passenger" were also performed.

On December 14, the band announced that they had recorded a CD with covers of the song Depeche Mode, where Scriabin was the only Ukrainian band with the song "I am your passenger."

On December 16, at the Golden Firebird award ceremony, the band received only one award (out of seven nominations) - "Best Pop Band".

On December 22, Rostyk confirmed that Hrobak would be released on February 15 next year.

On December 27, a video for the song "Dirty as an Angel", shot by director Viktor Pryduvalov, was presented.

In 1999, together with singer Andriy Pidluzhny, Scriabin launched the Eutherpa ethno-project, a synthesis of ancient authentic folklore and modern technology, and later released three songs in Canada in singles. Skryabin also accompanied Taras Chubayev on the recording of the album of songs of OUN-UPA soldiers "Our Partisans".


In the summer of 2000, after the recording of the album "Striptease", the musicians quarreled with each other - there were rumors about the collapse of "Skryabin". But in the end, the musicians agreed - Roy will no longer appear on stage with the band, but will remain its director, dealing with administrative and organizational issues. Kuzma and Shura and the session "live" musicians, who at the time accompanied Roy's wife, singer Julia Lord, quickly made the album "Fashionable Country".

In October 2001, the Sleep studio released their previous album, Striptease, on their own CD, and Shura's solo album Mechanical Love was soon released. Also, the label "Atlantic" released a mini-collection Spatanka # 1. Waffle or cookies in a cell "- recordings of various punk projects of the studio" Sleep ", which were marked by profanity in the lyrics. Despite the complete lack of advertising, the disc had a pretty decent circulation. By the end of the year, the contract with the Tavriya Games expired, and the Sleep studio became virtual again. However, this did not prevent Scriabin from quickly finding new patrons in the form of the Winter Generation Team electoral bloc - before the spring election, the album "Winter People" was urgently recorded and released, piloted by five music videos at once. For this reason, work was postponed on the project of modernized wedding songs "Kozzzak Disco", which Kuzma has been working on since the spring of 2001. His video promotion, under the patronage of Alexander Ponomarev and the production center "From morning till night", began in April. Soon the label "Atlantic" reissued the updated album "Striptease +". The development of "Kozzzak Disco" was finally slowed down and, in order not to lose the work, in November 2002, the same label "Atlantic" released the album as it is. The friendly atmosphere in the team disappeared completely: Rostislav Domishevsky left the band and started working with Julia Lord, and later switched to television.

Almost the entire next album "Skryabin" in February-March 2003 was recorded in Evpatoria at the studio of the band "Zurbagan" by its leader Pasha Shevchuk (Picasso), and compiled, produced by Ilya Lagutenko, in London's "Mayfair Studios" John Hudson. The Natura CD released Lavina Music in May 2003. Shura was still involved in the recording of the album, but on the eve of its release it became known that he left the band altogether, and began to play in the "Second River", as well as helping Andriy Pidluzhny to restore the project "Nichlava". A new band of Scriabin - Kuzma, Oleksandr Melnyk (bass, ex- "CrossFire", "Quartet-44"), Oleksiy Zvolynsky (Zvalya) - guitar, Volodymyr Parshenko (Evening) temporarily gathered for the all-Ukrainian tour in support of the Natura disc. (drums, ex- "Terrible headache") - joined the keyboardist Alexander Strilkovsky and the leader of the Khmelnytsky hard "Motor'rolla", guitarist Sergei Prysyazhny.

After 2003

The already renewed "Skryabin" celebrated its 15th anniversary with "Album (1989-2004)" - renditions of old and new songs.

During the Orange Revolution, Rostyk and Shura publicly apologized on Channel 5 for their support of Yanukovych in the first round. Differences in political views between former members of Scriabin led to sharp criticism of Kuzma, who remained among the musicians who took part in propaganda concerts organized by pro-government forces in their support.

The possibility of restoring the old line-up of "Skryabin" was canceled and a new era in the history of the band began.

Kuzma began to create radically different music than the old band. On April 14, 2005, the album "Tango" was released, which was very successful. A new permanent line-up of the band was established: Kuzma - singing, music, lyrics, Oleksiy Zvolinsky - guitars, arrangements, Kostya Sukhonosov - keyboards, arrangements, Kostya Glitin - bass guitar, Vadim Kolisnichenko - drums, and later Olena Rozumna - backing vocals. . The album "Glamor", released on September 14, 2006, sold 70,000 copies.

On May 20, 2007, a new, significantly redesigned official website of the band was launched. On July 27, 2007 the album-project of Latin American versions of the band's best hits was released - "Scriabinos Muchachos".

In the fall of 2007, Scriabin planned a major tour of 25 Ukrainian cities in support of his new album, About Love? However, the tour was canceled for unknown reasons.

Scriabin's new album "About Love?" issued November 22, 2007. The songs "Oligarch Boys", "Shmata" and "Mumitrol" were used to record music videos (the latter is officially banned on television for immoral content of the song). In January 2008, Olena Rozumna left the band to create her own project.

The band's next album, My Evolution, was released in December 2009. Clips were shot for the songs "Warm Winter", "Thrown", "Graduation", "Let Me Go" and "Fifth". A concert tour of Ukrainian cities was organized in support of the album. In November 2010, Andriyivsky Unplugged was released - a recording of a performance at the Lvivska Khvylia radio studio.

In 2011, the band gave a concert in Russia, which took place on May 21 in St. Petersburg. A video for the song "Minibus" is being shot, in which the bands "Singing Cowards" and "Jijo" were filmed. The clip was released in two versions - an abbreviated version, which was shown on television and a full version, which was censored due to the presence of profanity and was distributed only via the Internet.

On April 28, 2011 he performed at the Lviv Opera. All the most famous compositions of the band were performed accompanied by the Orchestra of the National Theater. M. Zankovetska, which gave them a special sound. This concert became one of the most desirable performances of recent years for the Lviv audience and fully met expectations. Kuzma complimented the Lviv audience, joked a lot and talked to the audience.

In autumn, September 24, 2011 "Skryabin" performed at the Gothic festival "Children of the Night: Black Council" with a retro program. The band performed 8 old songs.

In April 2012, a new album "Radio Love" was released, which included 10 songs. A limited special edition of the album was also released, which included 7 more bonus tracks, as well as videos for the songs "Speaking and Smoking", "Places of Happy People" and "Moms". At the same time, Kuzma's solo project called "Evil rapper Zenik" was released, which was distributed free of charge via the Internet.

On July 5, 2013, the premiere of Scriabin's new album called "Dobryak" took place at the Green Theater in Kyiv.

An all-Ukrainian tour took place in the spring of 2014 in support of the album with the simple title "25". As part of the tour, a large concert show was held on April 4 at the Stereo Plaza Club in Kyiv. This evening Andriy Kuzmenko's book "I, Pate and the Army" was also presented.

Shortly before his death, Kuzma planned a new album, but the fate of the record is unknown. You can find demo versions of unpublished songs ("Letter to the Presidents", "Ukrainians", "Bitch-War", "Little Girl").

Death of Andriy Kuzmenko

On February 2, 2015, the leader of the group died in a car accident near the village of Lozuvatka, Kryvyi Rih district, Dnipropetrovsk region. On February 4, a farewell ceremony was held at the Transfiguration Church in Lviv. Andriy was buried on February 5 in the Bryukhovytsia cemetery near Lviv.

A tribute concert dedicated to Kuzma's memory took place on May 20 in Kyiv. More than ten thousand people came to listen to the concert and honor the memory of the idol. The palace of sports, where the concert took place, was crowded. The songs of the band together with the musicians of "Skryabin" were performed by famous representatives of the show business of Ukraine. A memorial sign has been erected at the site of Kuzmenko's death.

The current state of the band

The band continues its concert activities. In particular, Zhenya Tolochny, Zhenya Halych and Yurko Yurchenko took the place of the soloist.

With the song Bitch War he joined the action "This is how memory works", dedicated to the memory of Danylo Didik.

Style and execution
"Old Scriabin"

Scriabin is considered a pioneer of Ukrainian electronic music. Throughout its career, the band has absorbed a mixture of different genres and styles.

The first album "You Hear the Pain" bordered on synth-pop sound and the new wave. From the end of 1989 to 1991, the musicians experimented with songs, as a result of which the sound was even closer to psychedelia (tracks "You hear the pain", "Lice"). In general, the first songs differed in the use of synthesizers, bass guitars and drums, which was typical in the performance of post-punk bands.

After recording the album "Language of Pisces" in 1992, the musicians turned to techno music. At that time, this genre was very popular and gained popularity among young people around the world. Starting to play techno, "scrapers" have not forgotten as a basis for more melodic synth-pop. Andriy Kuzmenko himself has repeatedly emphasized his love for the band "The Cure", whose influence was also quite significant - from depressive-romantic lyrics in lyrics to arranging instruments. But, unlike the English band, Scriabin never had a permanent guitarist, which influenced the band's musical palette. Another forerunner for future material was the cult electro band Depeche Mode. Fascinated by "The Cure" and "Depeche Mode", combining dark romance and electronics, "Skryabin" created the album "Technofight". Tracks such as "The Great Wall", "When We're Gone", "That's My Voice", "Nylon Time" are now considered darkwave music.

In the mid-1990s, "Skryabin" returned to the synth-pop-techno scheme, releasing the album "Birds", a bit similar in nature to the work of German DJ "Maruscha". Another band that influenced Scriabin's music is the neo-romantic Camouflage. On the album "Fairy Tales", partly "Languages ​​of Pisces", "Technofight", this mood conveys the peculiarities of style. In 1998, the band released the maxi-single "Penguin Dance", which is more like a dance rave (long before that, Kuzma and Shura recorded a rave project Molotov 20). In 1998-1999, the band recorded "The Worm", bringing the sound from the usual synth-pop to darkwave, as well as EBM and alternative rock. This work on the example of "We are like cars" revealed the influence of the German band "Kraftwerk". Also in this album, the performers used samples of industrial plants and other mechanical sounds typical of the electrical industry. The reissued "Technofight 1999" and "Striptease" are close to post-punk (alternative rock) with elements of electronic sound.

"New Scriabin"

After the disintegration of the old team, the mood and direction of creativity changed. The main change was the transition from electronics to a more lively pop-rock sound. Thus, the electronic component was minimized. The album "Fashionable Country", recorded in the old lineup, but in a different, lighter pop performance. In 2002, Scriabin released a record called "Winter People", where thanks to such songs as "Love to Pay", "My Country", "Hero" formed the final direction of music in later years. After the release of the single with Iryna Bilyk "Silence" this was even more confirmed, using the usual canons of pop music. The last stage of the transformation was the release of "Nature", when the sounds of the new wave, almost nothing left. The tracks "Sleep to Yourself", "Let's Make Love with You", "Our Last Dance", "I'll Hide You (Love)" have been rotated by the commercial music TV channel M1.

The composition of the group

The classical composition of the band "Skryabin" was almost unchanged until the end of the 1990s. Serhiy Hera and Rostyslav Domishevsky left the band in the 2000s. Andriy Kuzmenko has been a constant leader throughout the band's history.

  • Oleksiy Zvolynsky (Zvalya) - guitar (1999-present)
  • Konstantin Glitin - bass guitar (2004-present)
  • Vadym Kolisnichenko - drums (2004 — present)
Current participants
  • Olga Lizgunova - vocals, backing vocals (2010-present)
  • Zhenya Tolochny - vocals, guitar (2015-present)
  • Zhenya Halych - vocals, guitar (2015)
Former members of the band
  • Andriy Kuzmenko (Kuzma) - vocals, lyrics, music, keyboards (1989—2015) †
  • Rostislav Domishevsky (Roy) - bass guitar, guitar, music (1989-2002)
  • Serhiy Hera (Shura) - keyboards, music (1989—2003)
  • Alexander Skryabin (Skryaba) - keyboards, sound design (1989-1995) [13]
  • Andriy Sturma (Cure) - keyboards, guitar (1991) [14]
  • Igor Yatsyshyn - drums (1989-1990) †
  • Andriy Pidluzhny - vocals, backing vocals (1997—2004)
  • Vladimir Parshenko - drums (2000-2003)
  • Oleksandr Melnyk - bass guitar, keyboards (2001—2003)
  • Serhiy Prysyazhny - guitar (2002—2003)
  • Alexander Strilkovsky - keyboards (2002-2003)
  • Valery Papchenko - leading concert sound director (2000-2003)
  • Konstantin Sukhonosov - keyboards, guitar (2003-2015)
  • Olena Rozumna - backing vocals (2005-2008)
Studio albums
  • 1995 - "Birds"
  • 1997 - "Language of Pisces"
  • 1997 - "Fairy tales"
  • 1999 - The Worm
  • 1999 - Technofight 1999
  • 2000 - "Fashion Country"
  • 2001 - "Striptease"
  • 2002 - "Winter People"
  • 2003 - "Nature"
  • 2005 - Tango
  • 2006 - Glamor
  • 2007 - "About love?"
  • 2009 - "My Evolution"
  • 2012 - Radio Love
  • 2013 - "Dobryak"
  • 2014 - «25»
Unofficial albums
  • 1989 - "You hear the pain"
  • 1992 - "The language of fish"
  • 1993 - Technofight
  • 2015 - "The End of the Movie"
  • Collections
  • 2003 - Rock legends of Ukraine
  • 2012 - "Ballads"
  • 1998 - "Penguin Dance"
  • 1999 - "Birds are back"
  • 2004 - "Album"
  • 2007 - "Scriabinos Muchachos"
  • 2010 - "Scriabin Dance"
  • 1999 - Eutherpa
  • 2003 - "Silence"
  • 2006 - "School Love"
  • 2010 - "Let me go"
  • 2010 - "Old photos"
  • 2010 - "Fifths"
  • 2011 - "Talking and smoking"
  • 2012 - Radiolove
  • Concert recordings
  • 2010 - "Andrew's Unplugged"
  • 2015 - "Thank you people… Live Concert - latest record"
Other projects
  • 1996 - "Molotov Zwancig"
  • 1998 - "Depeche Mode" (song "I'm Your Passenger")
  • 1999 - "Our Christmas"
  • 1999 - "Spatanka # 1 - WaffleEE"
  • 2000 - "Our guerrillas"
  • 2001 - “Kobzar. New Accents "(songs" I don't care "," Somehow walking at night… "," Fate ")
  • 2001 - "Mechanical Love"
  • 2002 - Kozzzak Disco
  • 2003 - Project "Is" -2003… but time is like a river… (Song "China Wall")
  • 2006 - "Through someone else's glasses"
  • 2012 - Zalupa RocK


Skryabin was born in Novoyavorivs'k.


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