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A new crypto project is not just “a gambling decision”, it is a business model, it is a team that performs it and it is a technological contract that supports it. We take care of analyzing each pre-sale, and we create a report in simple words about Security, Business Model and more, allowing you to make a better and informed decision about whether

Simply, is a project dedicated to promote good practices in cryptocurrency pre-sales which is providing transparency and full information for those who want to invest in new crypto projects.With the growth of the DEFI market, a large number of businesses are venturing and investing into cryptocurrency like Tesla, Coinbase, MicroStrategy and Galaxy Digital Holdings Etc. Even with the adaptation of many countries into crypto with El Salvador accepting bitcoin as a legal tender, cryptocurrency has become the main apex and headline of every economic article on the world radar and this in turn is causing more and more people without much knowledge to decide into being part of this great market. This is very beneficial for everyone, but it is also important to take good care of these new investors by educating them to understand important concepts that allow them to have a better knowhow and experience which will help them to continue diversifying and adapt cryptocurrency as a good economic market thereby eradicating scams for good by knowing good projects to invest in.Experience has told us that no one is free to fall for scams. We have seen how large investors have even lost millions of dollars for the simple fact of not verifying basic things such as functions in the contracts of the tokens where they have invested, the amount of non-blocking tokens managed by the developer team and even worse. Investing in projects that do not have any real utility applicable in the future market is just like being part of pyramid schemes that end up falling once the entry of new investors ends. As a crypto community, we must take care of ourselves and protect this great digital economic revolution worldwide, and it is for this reason that we have created Simply.Audited and KYC Verified by Simple

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November 6, 2021
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