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Shirtum is a global marketplace of digital assets (NFTs) designed for players to share their stories with fans and invite them to join in collecting their digital sports memorabilia.

Our mission is to empower sports athletes to become content creators and build a direct connection with their fans. Shirtum wants to give football fans new concepts to rediscover football by providing exclusive access to players and their stories. We want to become the platform where athletes from all sports can tell the stories that shaped their careers, whilst making the fan experience more valuable and interactive. Shirtum also wants to give users access to a global marketplace to buy, sell and trade NFTs. Not only can users pay to own exclusive content, but they can also interact in a dynamic marketplace to give a tangible value to their NFT collection.

We have already developed our native app where each player who signs with us will build a digital museum where they will display their exclusive content and NFTs. This content will be created by the player himself with the help of our content creation team. We embed this content into our limited-edition NFTs and build a marketplace where both crypto and FIAT users can collect and trade these NFTs as they learn more about their favourite players. Fans can acquire NFT collections directly from the players in the primary marketplace, but many users will require special benefits to access them.

In order to fulfill this goal, the tokens that currently reside in the “Marketing” and “Partners” wallets, plus the tokens that were not finally used in our “Founding Players” wallet, will now become part of a new wallet called “Community Rewards”.

These tokens will be used to reward the community’s loyalty and participation within the ecosystem over the coming years. It will allow us to generate a much more appealing APR to all those who trust in the project in the long term by implementing a new staking plan that we will be presenting very soon!

The latest deals that Shirtum has closed are a clear statement of where we want to go, and with Moonlorian we have the marketing side of the project well covered. Together, we are building an ambassador network and new ways of financing our marketing efforts.

On the partner side, working with Entourage and leveraging our existing agreements allows us to be much more efficient in terms of upfront allocations. Therefore, we won’t need the tokens from the two aforementioned wallets (“Marketing” and “Partners”), as we will no longer be using SHI to close deals.

Thus, we will be able to distribute an important share of our tokens to our community in a sustainable and prolonged manner. Our token becomes a store of value for the ecosystem, and the best hands to hold it are those of our community members.

“SHI IS THE KEY” is something we have been saying for some time now. Trusting in the growth of the ecosystem will be rewarded and accumulating SHI will give our holders access to the Whitelist that’s being created for our upcoming NFT drops.



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January 18, 2022


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