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Shifman Iryna

Shifman Iryna

Irina Shikhman takes exclusive interviews with the most unexpected guests! What about talking?.. - original, professional, in-depth interviews and documentaries

Shikhman's work on the YouTube platform began with the creation of the December 2017 channel "What about talking?". Besides Irina, blogger and make-up artist Maria Viskunova and TV presenter Elena Sazhina became the hosts of the first releases, however, the release from the release dated May 3, 2018 (Vsevolod Chaplin was the guest) only Shikhman returned to work on the channel [7].

As of April 2021, the channel has nearly 1.6 million subscribers and over 237 million views. he was associated with "Moscow Medik", a holding company from the creators of the project was the producer of "Moscow 24" Alexei Vershinin [8]. Irina Shikhman, in an interview with Alexei Pivovarov, stated that she had become independent from the holding since January 2020. Also in 2020, the Moscow Media holding announced that it was no longer producing this project[9].

On the channel, the presenter raises serious social topics and current political issues, talking with the concluded programs. In addition to the interview format, you can watch documentaries on the channel. For example, the two-hour film Be(z)silverbrands, released in the fall of 2018, tells how the Gogol Center artists spent a year without their artistic director Kirill Serebrennikov[7]. In August 2019, Shikhman raised the issue of burning Siberian forests in her project[10].

Irina Shikhman's interview with Maxim Galkin (7.8 million), Yulia Akhmedova (5.7 million), Andrey Makarevich (4.7 million), Nargiz Zakirova (4.1 million) received the most views on the channel.


May 17, 1984
Shifman Iryna was born in Tomsk.


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