Sentience (company)

Sentience (company)

B2B Artificial Intelligence solutions for Customer Experience Management

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Sentience (company)

B2B Artificial Intelligence solutions for Customer Experience Management


Sentience is an Amsterdam-based company that specialises in Predictive Analytics, Marketing, Customer Insight, Customer Experience Management, Data Driven Marketing, Voice of Customers, Surveys, Analytics, Metrics, and Conversion.


Sentience was founded in 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands . Vladimir Obradovic(Founder) and Valentina M(Cofounder) created a company specialised in computer software and developing tools for user feedback collection and analysis, monitoring customer satisfaction, measuring market perception and providing relevant metrics that are a key part of CEX, CXM OKRs. In December 2017, Sentience released GABS - Engaging Guest Assisting ChatBot Services for hotels, and developed a series of other tools for Customer Experience Management.


GABS is a chatbot that operates in the Hospitality industry. It tackles issues such as long waiting lines on checkin/checkout, difficulties to access generic information, it reduces big customer service costs. GABS covers the entire Guest Visit Cycle from pre-booking, arrival to post-checkout.

Zinputs is a tool for transparent feedback collection.

MILE is comprised of Chat Bots and intelligent assistants whose main purpose are to serve a customer, automate and scale the human work . MILE exploits the proprietary conversational api and ui. and uses both generative and retrieval models based on deep machine learning.

SenseBox is a CX management artificial intelligence platform for sentiment detection and classification. It uses predictive analytics techniques, systematic reasoning and structured manner to derive insights from data. SenseBox understands Dutch, English, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian and Spanish.


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