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Robert Levandovsky

Robert Levandovsky

Robert Lewandowski is considered one of the best strikers in the world. He is an effective striker who scores many goals with both his head and both feet. It is believed that Lewandowski has almost all the necessary qualities for a football player who plays in the position of a classic center forward.

Robert Lewandowski ( Polish: Robert Lewandowski , born August 21, 1988 in Warsaw , Poland ) is a Polish professional footballer , striker of the German club Bayern Munich and captain of the Polish national team . The best scorer in one season in the history of the Bundesliga and Bayern (41 goals), a contender to be included in the list of players who scored more than 500 goals for the club and the national team. The best football player in the world in 2020 and 2021 according to FIFA.

The best scorer of 2021 according to France Football.

Since 2008 he has played more than 110 matches for the Polish national team and took part in the finals of Euro 2012 , Euro 2016 and the 2018 World Cup . With 63 goals in international matches, Lewandowski is the best scorer in the history of the national team. In 2015 he won the IFFHS award for the world's top scorer . He was named Polish Player of the Year eight times.

In 2020, Lewandowski won the FIFA Men 's Player of the Year award and the UEFA Men 's Player of the Year award . He has been named to the UEFA Champions League three times , and is the third-best scorer in the team's history . He has been named a Bundesliga player four times. In the Bundesliga, Robert has scored more than 250 goals, reaching the mark of the century faster than any other foreign player, and is the leading scorer of all time in the league . Moreover, he won the Bundesliga Top Scorer Award six times. Awarded four Guinness World Records for the fastest five goals in any major European football league, after scoring five goals in nine minutes in a 2015 game against Wolfsburg .

Early years
Robert Lewandowski was born on August 21, 1988 in a maternity hospital in the Warsaw district of Bielany , he became the second child of Iwona and Krzysztof Lewandowski. He has a sister, Milena, who is three years older than Robert. Iwona Lewandowska is a former volleyball player , and Krzysztof Lewandowski is a former judoka , European junior champion. Krzysztof chose the name Robert for his son to make it easier for him to move abroad as a professional football player . He died in March 2005 after a serious illness at the age of 49. Among other things, Krzysztof also played football, he represented the Hutnik club, which played in the lower leagues of Poland. After the birth of Robert, the family moved to the city of Leszno , where his parents got a job as a physical education teacher in an elementary school, his father also began to coach the local amateur football club Partizan . The move was due to the fact that it was easier for parents in this city to find work after completing their sports careers, and it was also cheaper to buy a house with a plot. There was a sports ground next to Robert's house, which allowed him to spend a lot of time with the ball since childhood. Parents spent a lot of time with their children: the mother taught Robert's sister how to play volleyball, and the father worked with him at physical education lessons at school, as well as at the trainings of the Partizan club from Leszno. However, Milena, unlike Robert, failed to build a sports career . The boy himself inherited his parents' passion for sports, took part in many school sports competitions, and in addition to football : basketball , handball , cross country , table tennis. He liked many sports, but it was football that took the main place in his life At that time, Polish sport, including football, was in decline. This applied, in particular, to the training of young players. Education in Poland was conducted at a few sports bases, where enthusiasts worked with children. Eight-year-old Robert also ended up in such a place . His first club was Varsovia, this club did not even have the opportunity to provide its players with rooms with showers. Prior to this, parents, together with Robert, went to various Warsaw clubs, including Legia , but they were not interested in working with children. Lewandowski got to Varsovia due to the fact that his parents saw the interest of the club in terms of preparation, because of which they were ready to take Robert to training, which took up to an hour and a half one way. Parents tried to watch all the matches in which Robert took part, but at the same time they tried not to interfere with the work of coaches. Robert from childhood was distinguished by high efficiency: he could play several matches a day, both for Partizan and Varsovia. Lewandowski was the leader of the youth team, however at the time he was one of the shortest and thinnest players in the squad and was also not considered one of the team's most promising talents.
Club career
Early career
A pupil of the football school of the Legia club .
He made his debut in adult football in 2006 with the team of the club "Znich" (Pruszkow) , in which he spent two seasons, taking part in 62 matches of the championship. Most of the time spent as part of Pruszkow's "Znich", he was a major player in the attacking team. As part of Pruszkow's Znich, he was one of the team's top scorers, averaging 0.58 goals per game.

With his game for this team he attracted the attention of the coaching staff of Poznan "Lech" , which he joined in 2008 . The club paid 1.5 million Polish zlotys for him. He made his debut in the Ekstraklasa on August 8, 2008 in a home match against Belchatow , in which Lewandowski scored a goal in the 67th minute against Krzysztof Kozyk. Robert also took part in the UEFA Cup qualifiers on July 17, 2008 in a match against Azerbaijan 's Khazar-Lankaran , with Lewandowski scoring the only goal in the 75th minute against Dmytro Kramarenko. Lech also won the next match . In the next round the club played with the Swiss"Grasshopper" . The first match ended in a landslide victory for Lech , Robert scored a double against Eldin Yakupovich. The second match ended in a draw. After "Lech" also successfully passed the Austrian "Austria" from Vienna and went to the group stage. In the group round , Lech took 3rd place, losing to Russia 's CSKA Moscow , Spain 's Deportivo and ahead of France 's Nancy and the Netherlands 's Feyenoord . But in the next round , Lech lost to Italian Udinese . In December 2008The Polish weekly Piłka Nożna ( Polish : Football) named Robert the opening of the year.

In the 2008-2009 season , Lech took 3rd place in the Polish Championship , losing to Warsaw 's Legia and Krakow 's Wisła . Lewandowski became the second top scorer, scoring 14 goals, losing to Pavel Brozhekov and Takeshura Chinyami, who scored 19 goals each. Lech also won the Polish Cup , defeating Chorzow 's Rukh in the final . On July 25, 2009 , in the match for the Polish Super Cup in Lubin against Krakow's Vistula, Robert scored the first goal in the 9th minute.

Robert Lewandowski attracted the attention of European clubs, CSKA , West Bromwich Albion , Borussia (Dortmund) , Feyenoord , Zenit and Shakhtar (Donetsk) were interested in him .

In December 2009 , the Polish newspaper Piłka Nożna named Robert Lewandowski the best player of the Polish Championship .

Borussia (Dortmund)
He joined Borussia Dortmund in 2010. During his first two seasons in Dortmund, he managed to play 67 matches for the new club in the national championship and help the team win the German title twice in a row .
Robert's biggest achievement for Dortmund was poker against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League semi-final , which ended 4-1 in Borussia Dortmund. Although Real won 2-0 at home at the Santiago Bernabeu home stadium, this was not enough for the Mandrid team to reach the final and the Dortmund team went further . Although they lost to Bayern Munich (2-1) in the final, everyone remembered Borussia's feat.
"Bavaria" (Munich)
On January 4, 2014, he officially signed a five-year contract with Bayern Munich . The agreement entered into force on July 1, 2014, after the expiration of his contract with Borussia. On July 9, 2014, the club hosted his official presentation as a team player, he received a T-shirt number "9". In the first match against Duisburg, he opened the scoring for the new club.
On September 22, 2015, he set a record for the leading European Championships (England, Germany, Spain, Italy, France), scoring 5 goals from the game in 9 minutes in the gates of "Wolfsburg" (51 ', 52', 55 ', 57', 60 ' ) (match result - 5: 1) . Lewandowski became the face of the popular computer game FIFA 10 in Poland together with the Englishman Wayne Rooney . Robert received four certificates at once: for the fastest hat-trick (3 minutes and 22 seconds), poker (5 minutes 42 seconds) and penta-trick (8 minutes and 59 seconds), and as a record holder for the number of goals in one Bundesliga match after replacement (5). In 2016, he became the first legionnaire in the Bundesliga to score 30 goals per season.
On August 26, 2016, the Pole opened the scoring for his goals in the new season in the match of the 1st round of the German championship against Werder Bremen , hitting the opponent's goal three times (6: 0).
In 2016, Robert Lewandowski extended his contract with Bayern for 5 years until 2021 .

Performances for national teams
In 2008 he was involved in the youth national team of Poland . At the youth level he played in 3 official matches.
In 2008 he made his debut in official matches as part of the Polish national team . He has now played 121 matches for the national team, scoring 67 goals.
Personal life
I come from a sports family. Robert's father, Krzysztof , was the country's judo champion and played for Gutnik FC in Warsaw. Her mother, Ivona , was a former volleyball player who played for the Warsaw gas station club. And my sister, by the way, also went into professional sports. She played for the U-21 volleyball team. For a long time, Robert met Polish karateka Anna Stachurska , and on June 22, 2013, the couple married. In December 2016, the couple announced that they were expecting a child . On May 4, 2017, the couple had a daughter, Clara, and a second daughter, Laura, was born in 2020.
Titles and achievements
Champion of Poland (1) :
Lech : 2010
Polish Cup Winner ( 1) :
Lech : 2009
Polish Super Cup winner (1) :
Lech : 2009
Champion of Germany (10) :
Borussia D : 2011 , 2012
"Bavaria" : 2015 , 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 2019 , 2020 , 2021
German Cup Winner ( 4) :
Borussia D : 2012
"Bavaria" : 2016 , 2019 , 2020
German Super Cup winner (6) :
Borussia D : 2013
"Bavaria" : 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 2020 , 2021
UEFA Champions League winner (1) :
"Bavaria" : 2020
UEFA Super Cup winner (1) :
"Bavaria" : 2020
Winner of the Club World Cup (1) :
"Bavaria" : 2020

Footballer of the Year in Germany (2) : 2020, 2021
The best scorer of the Polish championship:
2010 (18 goals)
Top Bundesliga top scorer:
2014 (20 goals), 2016 (30 goals), 2018 (29 goals), 2019 (22 goals), 2020 (34 goals), 2021 (41 goals)
UEFA Champions League top scorer: 2019-2020 (15 goals)
The best football player in Poland:
2011, 2012, 2013, 2022
The best scorer among legionnaires for the number of goals per club in the Bundesliga
Best Bundesliga top scorer among legionnaires: 196
Author of the Bundesliga's top scorer, scoring in 11 consecutive matches.
Record three times in a row recognized as the best player of the month in "Bavaria"
The best football player of 2020 according to FIFA .



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