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Robert John Audley

Robert John Audley

British psychologist whose research was concerned with choice and decision-making

Robert John Audley was a British psychologist whose research was concerned with choice and decision-making.


Robert (Bob) Audley was born in London in 1928. Following national service, he obtained his BSc from University College London in 1949. Among his lecturers was E.S. Pearson. He then obtained a Fulbright scholarship which took him to Washington State University. On his return he completed a PhD supervised by A.R. Jonckheere at UCL. He was appointed to the faculty and remained there for the whole of his academic career. He served as Head of Department.

He was active in the British Psychological Society of which he became president in 1981. His Presidential address was on the subject of choice. He was Editor of the British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology from 1963 to 1969. He was also President of the Experimental Psychology Society about which he was interviewed.


There were three strands to his research. The first strand, as a mathematical psychologist, he developed a Theory of Choice to explain the process of decision-making (Audley, 1960; Audley & Pike, 1965). His second strand was on reaction time (Audley, Caudrey, Howell and Powell, 1975) and the third was on medical accidents (Audley, Vincents & Ennis, 1993).


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Robert John Audley was born in London.


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