Rincon Venture Partners

Rincon Venture Partners

Rincon Venture Partners is a Santa Barbara, California-based venture capital company founded in 2005.

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Rincon Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that seeks to invest in the web and mobile businesses. The firm is based in Santa Barbara, California and seeks to partner with entrepreneurs and assist them to build world-class businesses.

Rincon Venture Partners targets investment opportunities in Web-based businesses that are led by 'serial founding teams', have proven recurring revenue models and are pursuing capital-efficient operating plans. They typically invest in companies where initial product or service development is largely complete, and the company's forward-looking focus is on market engagement and expansion. They take an active role in guiding and supporting portfolio companies by committing resources for such activities as Board representation, providing strategic and tactical guidance, filling key management positions, facilitating subsequent financings and achieving liquidity events.

Rincon Venture Partners aims to fill the need for more modest first-round funding. The firm's initial investment in a company is typically in the range of $500,000 to $1.5 million, and Rincon is typically a company's first institutional investor. The firm generally likes to see a completed offering that has been embraced by early adopters. Rincon generally does not consider seed investments but will do so when significant effort by either a predecessor entity or a university research program will accelerate a young company's progress.


Rincon Venture Partners's investments include Embrace, Zingle, Qordoba, Raken, Rainforest QA, JazzHR, Fuel50, HAAWK, LiftIgniter, Silversheet, SimpleLegal, Embrace and Nordsense.


They exited their investments in SHIFT, Zingle, SimpleLegal, Rentlytics, Keen, Connexity, Burstly, DataPop, Divshot, Silversheet, Wittlebee, Gradient X and



Jim Andelman

Managing Partner

John Greathouse

Advisory Partner

Lisa Riedmiller


Loren Shepard

Administrative Director



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Rincon Venture Partners

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 Rincon Venture Partners

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