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Rex Bell

Rex Bell

American actor and politician


Hollywood actor.

Real name George Beldam.

He was born on October 16, 1903, in Chicago.

In Hollywood was completely by accident: His sick father needed a dry and warm climate, and the family moved to Beverly Hills. His father died early, and, in addition to college, the young man had to work part-time. One day the 21-year-old George brought the correspondence in Hollywood studio "Fox. He was seen from the window of the producer, and George was "open" to the film industry, and in time was renamed Rex Bell. He honestly admitted that he could not do anything, only to ride a horse. But, apparently, the studio liked his type - tall, dark blond with clear blue eyes and disarming white-toothed smile. At first he worked as a stuntman.

On the set of the film "Faithful to the Navy" in 1929, he met the actress Clara Bow. After a two-year romance the couple were married on December 3, 1931 in Las Vegas. In 1934, Bow and Bell had a son, Tony, and a second son, George, in 1938. Because of Bow's mental illness, family life did not work out. Bell continued to take care of Clara, but after she was discharged from the mental institution, they lived separately.

In 1954 Rex Bell was elected Lieutenant Governor of Nevada.

He died of a heart attack on July 4, 1962.


October 16, 1903
Rex Bell was born.


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