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ROPE Token

ROPE Token

ROPE, a full-scale decentralized ecosystem that brings the well known "market volatility index" to the crypto market. The ecosystem comprises of ROPE and ROPEV tokens. ROPE is built on the Solana platform.

The platform will include a decentralized- finance-based (De-Fi) volatility token, as well as help spread awareness, and increase the use cases of the Solana network. ROPEV is a De-Fi-based volatility token providing a greed/fear index for the De-Fi market. The ROPEV index is proportional to the amount of liquidity in major liquidity pools (LPs). As tokens and LPs change over time, a mechanism is required to be able to change the ROPEV index LPs. The ROPE token is a governance token used to vote and govern the ROPEV index. By registering a volatility index, ROPEV, from different De-Fi markets, we break down the market's assumption for future volatility. A technique is to use liquidity pools as a measure of market sentiment. ROPEV is the only full-scale decentralized move to bring this complex and well known "market fear index" to the crypto market.



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April 5, 2021

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