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Quantum photonics

Quantum photonics

The science of detecting, controlling, and manipulating individual photons. The field includes the generation, detection and coherent manipulation of photonic quantum states. Quantum photonics can be used to improve the security of information transfer, speed up algorithms, and increase the accuracy of measurements.

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Integrated programmable waveguide circuits for classical and quantum photonic processing were developed by Ph.D. student Caterina Taballione supervised by Klaus Boller and Pepijn Pinkse at University of Twente, Netherlands. The optical components of thier photonic chip can perform quantum operations by sending single photons through the system instead of continuous light. Caterina Taballione at presented a chip with components that can either split or combine light in and from separate channels and has be likened to a rail yard. Ring-shaped resonators act as a filter in the chip. Components are controlled from the outside.

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