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PvP Biologics

PvP Biologics

A biotechnology company developing therapeutic products for people with celiac disease. It was acquired by Takeda in 2020 and is located in San Diego, California.

PvP Biologics is a California-based biotechnology company with a focus on creating therapies for those with celiac disease, a disorder which inflames an individual's small intestine when gluten in consumed. Its therapeutic product consists of an oral enzyme to alleviate symptoms of the disease, such as pain and internal damage.


The company's product is called TAK-062 (also known as Kuma062) and is a recombinant enzyme that is active under acidic stomach conditions. It was computationally engineered and enzymatically digests gluten in order to reduce the immune-reactive parts of gluten. This digestion occurs before gluten exits the stomach so that the small intestine is less likely to become inflamed, causing the pain and discomfort in celiac patients.

The product completed its Phase 1 clinical trial in early 2020 and is slated to move on to Phase 2 trials. In the Phase 2 trials, efficacy and dose ranges are set to be explored in patients with the disease who also manage a gluten-free diet.


February 20, 2020
PVP Biologics is Acquired by Takeda for $330 million

The company was acquired by Takeda, a global research and development pharmaceutical company.

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Takeda Acquires Celiac-Focused PvP Biologics in Deal Worth $330 Million

Alex Keown


February 26, 2020

Takeda Acquires PvP Biologics Following Results of a Phase 1 Study of TAK-062 (Kuma062) for the Treatment of Celiac Disease


February 26, 2020


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