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Pollen DeFi

Pollen DeFi

Pollen DeFi is a first of it's kind decentralized asset index where the community holds all the power.

Community powered

Pollen is a seismic shift in the world A billion dollar DeFi market needs an asset management tool that goes beyond crop farming and AMMs. This powererd DAO community allows you to command, vote and directly influence the index. Dynamic AI ensures that the index token is always stable, allowing investors to securely create their own pools of assets and share them with the community—the more you participate, the more you earn.


Our primary users are community members who are well versed in DeFi and are working to shape the index so that the entire community benefits. The more profitable their offers, the stronger their authority in the community becomes, and their voting power and influence on the index grows as they earn more PLN Governance Tokens.

hero investor


Delegators are users who don't have time to propose and vote on proposals made by more active traders on the platform. Instead, they can delegate their voting rights to merit-based traders, i.e. traders who have benefited the community are given more decision-making power based on their success, which in turn benefits everyone, while delegators earn passively.

community hero


Shortly after the launch of the Pollen DAO, we will introduce mini-DAOs where small groups of users can create their own asset pools. Users can then make successful asset pools public, receive community merit and tokens. It also opens the door for professional traders and influencers to form groups and "brand asset pools", your favorite influencers can practice what they preach and you can join the ride.


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April 4, 2020

Pollen DeFi Announcements

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