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Planet Sandbox

Planet Sandbox

Planet Sandbox is a physics-powered NFT sandbox shooting game that allows players to build and own arenas to fight other players in different game modes using their own NFT weapons and accessories.

What is Planet Sandbox (PSB)?

Powered by the $PSB and $PULV tokens, Planet Sandbox has created multiple play-to-earn opportunities within their Metaverse.

For example, Sandbox owners can customise their land with limitless building items and design game modes for others to join and play. The land will become a business where players can sell or earn passive income through the shop. The land system provides creators with various possibilities to build on diverse sceneries and landscapes such as Grass, Desert, Mountains, Toxic Wastelands, Arctic, etc. Eventually, the game will include other planetary environments.

Aside from the builder tool, there are Multiplayer game modes that allow players to choose their favorite sandbox and compete with others in intense fighting games (such as deathmatch and hunting prop) to earn prizes.The beta version of this game is expected to be released this November.

What Makes Planet Sandbox Unique

Empower players: We provide the tools, You can build your own world & rule your game.

PlanetSandbox is developed as a Metaverse, with upcoming features of AR/VR integration.

Multiplatform: The game will first launch in Web version. According to the roadmap, the Mobile/PC platforms will be released next year.

Two tokens:

$PSB - main token, governance token, buy/sell nft;

$PULV - ingame token, inflationary token, mint/burn.

What is the Tokenomics of PlanetSandbox (PSB) Tokens?

Token Name: PlanetSandbox

Token Symbol: PSB

Total Supply: 100,000,000

PSB is the native governance token, which is run on Binance Smart Chain. Token Utility: * In-game transactions * Trading activities of NFT on marketplace * Staking to earn APY * Governance and DAO partici

Who Are the Founders of Planet Sandbox?

Planet Sandbox is developed by Defun Studio - a passionate and professional team from Vietnam in blockchain technology & game development. Their vision is to bring the best game experience to players. The team has more than 8 years of experience in the game industry and more than 2 years of experience with Blockchain technology.

At the moment there are a total of 20 staff and according to their founder, the team will upscale to 30+ at the end of the year.

Advisory board includes Thi Truong - founder and CEO of Icetea Labs, Polka Foundry & RedKite LaunchPad, Eric Su - CEO of ExNetwork Capital and Larry Shi, the founder of Basics Capital.

Who is backing PlanetSandbox?

PlanetSandbox has announced a successful oversubscribed $1.5 million raise led by incubators Icetea Labs and ExNetwork Capital with participation from NGC Ventures, Illuvium, Momentum6, Everse Capital, Basics Capital, x21 Digital, Magnus Capital, MoonWhale Ventures, and several other reputable ventures.



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Planet Sandbox | A physics TPS NFT sandbox shooting game that allows players to build and own arenas to fight other players in different game modes using their own NFT weapons and accessories.



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