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Plakous Therapeutics, Inc.

Plakous Therapeutics, Inc.

Plakous Therapeutics, Inc. is a Winston-Salem, North Carolina-based human biologics company working in restorative and regenerative healing.

Plakous Therapeutics, Inc. is a human biologics company that is pioneering in situ restorative and regenerative healing with cytokines and growth factors remaining in the human placenta after the delivery. Its team of professionals is made up of experienced physicians and biotech-startup savvy personnel.

The company develops placenta powered bio-therapeutics that is intended to generate multiple products for regenerative healing. It uses placenta disc with allografts, treats the amniotic membrane to enhance functionality as a drug delivery device, and enables the local delivery of drugs, thereby making it possible for healthcare companies and patients to make use of healing products that are engineered with scientific and clinical efficacy.


Plakous Therapeutics, Inc. was founded by Scott Washburn and Seth Tomblyn.

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