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James Rogers
February 10, 2020
Fox News
A centuries-old log cabin was recently discovered hidden inside a bar slated for demolition in Pennsylvania.
Rachel Ramirez
February 9, 2020
His new one-man play, "The Truth Has Changed," shines a light on lies from big corporations.
Christopher Carbone
January 28, 2020
Fox News
That's a bit too close for comfort.
January 27, 2020
To help ensure continued electric service reliability for two million Pennsylvania customers, FirstEnergy Corp. (NYSE: FE) subsidiaries Metropolitan Edison (Met-Ed), Pennsylvania Electric Company (Penelec), Pennsylvania Power (Penn Power), and West Penn Power recently received approval from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) for the second phase of their Long Term Infrastructure Improvement Plans (LTIIP II). The plans outline an additional $572 million in capital investments ...
Emily Pontecorvo
January 21, 2020
The Keystone State has failed to meet its pollution reduction benchmarks for years, with little response from the EPA.
Emily Previti
January 19, 2020
After an Election Day meltdown last year, two lawsuits in Pennsylvania could result in the state decertifying a popular voting machine ahead of of the 2020 elections.
January 13, 2020
Because people can't get enough alcoholic seltzer, several bars across the country (including but by no means limited to Hugo's Taproom Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Jack's American Pub and Milwaukee Brat House, both in Milwaukee, and El Hefe in Scottsdale, Arizona)...
Dan Goodin
December 19, 2019
Ars Technica
Logic bombs created periodic malfunctions that only he knew how to fix.
December 17, 2019
On the heels of what he termed the federal government's "irresponsible rollback of efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," Gov. Tom Wolf today took action as his Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) presented a draft rule to the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) that seeks to cut emissions of methane and other harmful pollutants from the state's unconventional natural gas industry. A potent greenhouse gas, methane is emitted from thousands of existing sources of natural gas...
Clifford Krauss
December 11, 2019
Chevron's multibillion-dollar write-down of gas assets is the most recent sign that the gas supply has far outstripped demand.
Tom Porter
December 11, 2019
Business Insider
The president doubled down on claims that the Russia probe was a partisan hit job that had been found groundless in a report by the inspector general.
Alex Coop
December 11, 2019
IT Business
Twitter goes nuts over the new Mac Pro's price tag, A self-driving truck delivered butter from California to Pennsylvania in three days, and the Chinese government wants to get rid of all of its foreign computers and software.
Gene Marks
November 24, 2019
the Guardian
'The Mennonites are not frozen in time. They recognize we're in a niche economy.' Photograph: Alamy
Michael Kearns
November 17, 2019
Scientific American Blog Network
Better coding, not just laws and regulations, is the solution for tech's failure to address the needs of actual humans
November 14, 2019
For many Trump supporters, the impeachment inquiry is nothing more than a partisan effort by Democrats to unseat a president they could not beat in 2016.
Ap Mcclatchy
November 8, 2019
Boston Herald
Q: With winter fast approaching accompanied with salt-covered streets, do I need to check or redo the factory supplied undercoating that comes with my 2017 Nissan Versa?
Alex P. Miller
November 8, 2019
Harvard Business Review
Companies struggle to personalize their services without discriminating.
Associated Press
November 6, 2019
Los Angeles Times
The first attempt in the U.S. to use CRISPR against cancer seems safe in three patients who have had it so far, but it's too soon to know whether it will help.
Steven John
May 2, 2019
Saudi Aramco just launched the biggest IPO in history. Here are 12 mind-blowing facts about Saudi Arabia's economy.
Liz Knueven
November 1, 2019
Business Insider
Find affordable car insurance in Pennsylvania through USAA or Erie Erie Exchange for good or better credit, and Nationwide for poor credit.