Pear (venture capital)

Pear (venture capital)

U.S-based venture capital firm funding early stage companies.

Pear, previously known as Pejman Mar Ventures, is a venture capital firm founded in 2013. The firm was established by Mar Hershenson and Pejman Nozad, and is based in Palo Alto, California. In addition to its venture capital business, Pear also runs several accelerator initiatives under its Pear Dorm program. As of March 2019, the firm is managing a portfolio of 92 active companies and has sold off its ownership in 20 companies. Their investments include Dropbox, Zoosk, Path, and Lending Club. Its most recent investment was for Polarr in March 2019, a company providing an online photo editing platform.


Pear provides funding for companies in a variety of business sectors. The firm invests in companies at three financing stages: pre-seed, seed, and Series A. Since its conception, the firm has managed to amass $169.2 million in total, with its most recent completed funding round held in April 2017. This funding round managed to raise $4.2 million.

Pear Dorm Program

The company organizes a series of events under the “Pear Dorm” program where it searches and finds startup companies to back. “Pear Garage” is a part of Pear Dorm program specially targeted toward graduates from Stanford University, where they try and pitch their ideas to solve real-world problems without financial or equity obligations. “Pear Summer” is a similar program targeted towards startups and entrepreneurs.

Other similar initiatives target MBA or MSx students at Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), MBA students from Harvard Business School (HBS), and also students from MIT or the University of Pennsylvania. Applicants are required to apply in a respective category before the deadline to be considered for the program.


August 16, 2016

Pejman Mar rebrands as it unveils a $75 million new fund.

Pejman Mar rebrands as Pear Ventures and unveils a $75 million fund

Funded Companies


commercial space agency aiming to become the first company to place luxury hotel in space

A synthetic biology company that designs, builds and tests genetic circuits for the purposes programming cell therapies. Their first therapeutic candidates are aimed at solid tumors and blood cancer and the company plans to move beyond oncology.

DoorDash is a food delivery company. It participated in the S13 cohort of Y Combinator.

A consumer company providing customers with the latest in Asian beauty products, culture and trends.

Paid is a San Francisco-based modern billing automation platform for small and large businesses.

Fitbod is a San Francisco-based personal fitness company founded in 2015 by Jesse Venticinque and Allen Chen.

Polarr is a company which develops AI for photographic editing.

Aurora Solar is a San Francisco-based devloper of solar design, proposal, and sales software.

Journy is a New York City-based company founded by Leiti Hsu, Amy Guo and Susan Ho.

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Mar Hershenson

Founder/Managing Partner

Ajay Kamat


Bob Tinker

CEO Coaching

Bobby Yazdani

CEO Coaching

Kevin Lee


Lily Johnson

Head of Operations

Narges Baniasadi

CEO Coaching

Pedram Kayani


Pejman Nozad

Founder/Managing Partner

Touraj Parang

Operating Partner - Strategy & Business Development

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