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Paw V2

Paw V2

Cats are here to take over. No matter how big the fish.


Polycat Finance launched May 2021 as a yield farm and yield aggregator. Since then it's expanded to become a hybrid yield optimizer: with yield aggregation (Vaults), decentralized exchange (DEX) and launchpad for ecosystem projects.

Polycat is built on Ethereum's EVM and Solidity smart contracts, powered by Polygon Network's Layer 2 scalability and infrastructure. By utilizing L2 for transactions, Polycat's users can trade, invest and farm cryptoassets instantly, with close to zero gas/transaction costs. Polycat is currently only accessible on the Polygon blockchain.

What is Paw V2?

PAW is the protocol's DEX reward token with an infinite max supply. PAW can be staked in liquidity pairs or pools (tanks) for rewards. PAW rewards from farming are vested, linearly unlocking over a 30-day period.

Who is Polycat Finance?

Polycat Finance is at its core a yield farming project, in it, people can accumulate more tokens by simply lending crypto assets over short periods of time. Polycat Finance is often praised for its excellent users’ experience that is very friendly to DeFi beginners. One o the most widely used dApps on the Polygon network and one with huge potential.

Polycat has two tokens in its ecosystem. First, we have the token FISH. The original asset of the Polycat ecosystem and a cornerstone of its products. The 3 million $FISH total supply was reached on July 29th, 2021. The project renounced ownership of the contract, and FISH is purely out there in the community.



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🏆Polycat Finance - Агрегатор Гибридной Урожайности на Polygon


May 16, 2021

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