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Paw (PAW)

Paw (PAW)

PAW is a decentralized digital currency that offers near-instant settlement (<1 sec) and energy efficient transactions.It's also building on a new reward model that allows for rapid growth of the network while using TGS for consensus.

Proof-Of-Growth Reward Model

The mining free reward model that incentivizes network growth

Unlike Proof-Of-Work which incentivizes the network growth indirectly through block rewards, Proof-Of-Growth is directly incentivizing the network growth. Similar to mining, every 10 minutes a new PAW reward is being made available and shared among all participants who contributed to network growth.

- No exclusion through powerful miners, lack of technical knowledge or resources.

- Everyone contributes to network growth

- No winner takes all. Everyone gets a reward in propotion to their contribution

- Rewards are being directly tied to network growth.

- Even distribution of the supply until 2025

Fewer participants will result in higher rewards for each participant. More participants will result in fewer rewards for each participants. The reward amount every 10 minutes is fixed with more people joining the supply and rewards each participant can earn continues to shrink.


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