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Patrick O. Brown

Patrick O. Brown

American biochemist

Is an American scientist and businessman who is the chief executive and founder of Impossible Foods Inc. and professor emeritus in the department of biochemistry at Stanford University.

Brown is co-founder of the Public Library of Science, inventor of the DNA microarray, and a former investigator at Howard Hughes Medical Institute.


In 2000, Brown received the National Academy of Sciences Award in Molecular Biology;

In 2002 he received a Takeda award, recognizing his work in "the development of DNA microarrays with pre-synthesized DNA probes and the promotion of the technology by releasing the production methods on the Internet" ;

In 2005 he received the Curt Stern Award for his contributions to the development and application of gene-based expression microarrays;

In 2006 he received the American Cancer Society's Medal of Honor for Basic Research, acknowledging;

In 2010 the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) selected Brown for the ABRF 2010 Award in recognition of Brown's pioneering work in the development of microarrays and the diverse applications of this technology in genetic research;

In 2016, Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum named Brown and his company a "Technology Pioneer" for their design, development and deployment of new technologies and innovations "poised to have a significant impact on business and society".


April 22, 2022
Patrick O. Brown
September 23, 1954
Patrick O. Brown was born in Washington, D.C..


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