Orion Span

Orion Span

commercial space agency aiming to become the first company to place luxury hotel in space

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Orion Span, a Houston-based space tech startup, has announced plans to launch the first-ever luxury space hotel into Earth's orbit by 2021. The company says the so-called Aurora Station will be ready to accommodate visitors the following year. (Related: "They Saw Earth From Space. Here's How It Changed Them.")

"We're not selling a hey-let's-go-to-the-beach equivalent in space," Bunger tells Bloomberg. "We're selling the experience of being an astronaut."

Orion Span will likely cater to private space tourists as well as government space agencies, Bunger says. A serial entrepreneur and former software engineer, Bunger has worked on other startups in the past, in addition to the seven-person Orion Span team. Combined, the team members have more than 140 years of experience in space.

If Aurora Station is successful, the company wants to launch identical modules and build a private space station. Long-term, the vision is to sell space.

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