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Order of Lenin type 1 (1930–32)

Order of Lenin type 1 (1930–32)

The first type of the Order of Lenin was approved on May 23, 1930.

The order was the highest civilian decoration bestowed by the Soviet Union. The order was awarded to:

  • Civilians for outstanding services rendered to the State
  • Members of the armed forces for exemplary service
  • Those who promoted friendship and cooperation between peoples and in strengthening peace
  • Those with meritorious services to the Soviet state and society

The first type of the Order of Lenin was approved on May 23, 1930.

The badge of the Order of Lenin, model 1930, was a round medallion portrait with a bas-relief of Lenin in the center and an industrial landscape in the background. Under the bas-relief of Lenin, an image of a tractor was placed (it is because of this that this type received the nickname "Tractor" from collectors). The medallion was surrounded by an applied gold rim, which was fastened by soldering. On the front side, the gold rim had a groove filled with ruby ​​red enamel. Around the medallion, outside of the gold rim, there were ears of wheat, on which a gilded sickle and hammer were superimposed in the upper part of the badge, and the inscription “USSR” in the lower part. The letters of the inscription are made of gold and covered with red enamel. Each letter was a separate element and was fastened by soldering. The badge itself was made of 925 sterling silver. Sign dimensions: height - 38 mm, width - 37.5 mm.

Orders of the first type completedundefined from two parts. The front part of the order (obverse) and, separately from it, the back part (reverse) were made. Then both halves were carefully connected to each other by soldering. The sign is hollow inside. On the reverse of the order, in the central part, there was a two-stage flange into which a threaded pin was inserted. Flange and pin are made of bronze. The order number is made in stamped numerals 1.5 mm high and is located horizontally, above the threaded pin (at 12 o'clock on the dial). The hallmark “GOZNAK” is made in embossed letters in a rectangular recess and is located below the pin (at 6 o'clock). Clamping nut with a diameter of 32 mm, made of silver. On the inside, the nut has a soldered bronze threaded washer.

About 700 orders of the first type were issued. The minimum known order number is 15, the maximum is 690. undefined


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