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Opus (cryptocurrency)

Opus (cryptocurrency)

Opus is a cryptocurrency introduced by Opus Foundation, a startup specializing in digital marketing.

Opus Foundation

Opus Foundation is a blockchain startup that specializes in digital marketing. The company has developed a proprietary smart contract intended to connect publishers and advertisers to spread awareness about blockchain technology in marketing and make it accessible for all businesses. According to Opus, tests showed that the company's technology can outperform banner ads by up to 30 percent and reduce bot clicks by up to 95 percent. Opus stated that the main reason for the success of its solution is that advertisers get precise campaign targeting and publishers benefit from higher revenues from pre-sale impressions.

Opus promoted its platform and acquired new publishers and advertisers by providing them with a free dashboard and analytical tools. The Opus dashboard provides the data required to make informed decisions regarding which advertisements would yield the highest profits in advertising campaigns. Opus has also announced plans to develop their own blockchain-based technology called OPUX, which can be utilized as an alternative currency and as a way to make Opus-based transactions with improved efficiency and security.


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Bokang Jia, Chenhao Xu, Rehan Gotla, Sam Peeters, Reese Abouelnasr, Mateusz Mach

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