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Oleg Shibanov

Oleg Shibanov

Oleg Shibanov is Academic Director of the SKOLKOVO-NES

Oleg Shibanov is Academic Director of the SKOLKOVO-NES, Centre for Research in Financial Technologies and Digital Economy, professor of finance at the New Economic School (NES). Oleg’s research interests include mutual funds and ETFs, macroeconomics, and financial markets.

Until 2017, he was the academic director of programs in economics at the Sberbank Corporate University, was an assistant professor of finance at NES and at Warwick Business School, UK.

Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University and hold a Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics and the NES Master's Degree in Economics. He also has a Ph.D. in finance from London Business School. He actively comments on macroeconomics on television, writes columns for Forbes, Vedomosti, Kommersant, RBC, and Respublika.


Ph.D. in Finance, London Business School, 2006-present

Ph.D. in Mathematics (Statistics), Moscow State University, October 2009

M.Res. in Finance, London Business School, 2007

M.A. in Economics, New Economic School, Moscow, 2005

M.Sc. in Mathematics, Moscow State University, 2003


Shibanov, O. and A.M. Zubkov, 2009, "Time Required to Unify All Particles in the Scheme of Equiprobable Allocation into a Sequence of Cell Layers", Mathematical Notes, vol. 85, no. 3, pp. 366-373

Shibanov, O. and A.M. Zubkov, 2007, "Poisson-Type Limit Theorem for a Two-Stage Polynomial Allocation of Particles Into Cells", Review of Applied and Manuf. Mathematics, vol. 14, no. 3, pp. 422-434 (in Russian)

Shibanov, O. and A.M. Zubkov, 2006, "Poisson-Type Limit Theorem for a Two-Stage Equiprobable Allocation of Particles Into Cells", Discrete Mathematics, vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 99-104 (in Russian)

Working Papers:

"Financial Markets and Cap-and-Trade System in a General Equilibrium Model", LBS, 2010

"Mutual Fund Performance, Fees and Flows", LBS, 2010

"Human Capital, Training and Portfolio Choice over the Life Cycle", LBS, 2009

"Information Acquisition, Individual and Fund Investment", LBS, 2009

"Monetary Policy, Risk Premium and the Business Cycle", LBS, 2008

Awards and Grants:

PhD Programme financial award, LBS, 2006-2010

"Branching Processes and Applications", Steklov Institute, Moscow, 2002-2006

"Branching Processes and Molecular Biology", Netherlands-Russia, 2005-2006



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