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Advanced Search is an archive website that stores and distributes older versions of primarily Internet-related PC and Macintosh freeware and shareware application software. was founded by Alex Levine and Igor Dolgalev in 2001. Levine created the site because "Companies make a lot of new versions. They're not always better for the consumer." As reported in the Wall Street Journal, 'Users often try to downgrade when they find confusing changes in a new version or encounter software bugs, or just decide they want to go back to a more familiar version,' said David Smith, an analyst at research firm Gartner. 'Often, they discover that the downgrade process is complicated, if not impossible.' "When was launched it offered 80 versions of 14 programs. By 2005 over 500 versions were posted. By 28 August 2007 this had grown to 2388 versions of 179 programs, in categories such as "graphics", "file-sharing", "security" and "enterprise". The site also carries 600+ versions of 35 Macintosh programs.PC World has labeled the site "a treasure trove ... of older-but-better software"; the National Review calls a "champion" for "software conservatives".

According to Alexander Levines own words, he has apparently received threats from proprietary software developers for running an archive of obsolete internet browsers with known critical security flaws.


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