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Noraduz Cemetery, Armenia

Noraduz Cemetery, Armenia

The ancient Noraduz (Noratus) cemetery is a churchyard with a long history. It represents the largest collection of khachkars, tombstones with the carved cross image. The oldest of them dates back to the 7th century AD.

Not far from Airivank Monastery on the shore of Lake Sevan is the settlement of Noraduz (Noratus) famous for its big khachkars (crosses-stones) cemetery. There are about 900 khachkars of various styles and epochs there. Noraduz Cemetery became one of the most visited and popular sights of the Gegarkunik region because there is one of the largest collections of Armenian khachkars. The prominent feature of the majority of khachkars is the cross with a solar disk under it.

The rest of the stone is decorated with images of leaves, grapes, pomegranates or abstract patterns. Many khachkars are put on special foundations. The majority of khachkars of Noraduz cemetery is dated the 13 th – 17 th centuries; the most ancient is dated the 7 th century.


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