Noon Home

Noon Home

Noon Home is a U.S-based company offering smart home lighting service.

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Noon (company) Noon Home

U.S-based company offering smart home lighting service.


Noon Home is a smart home lighting service. The company was established in 2015 by Annie Cheung and Will Lark. Noon Home aims to transform how people live in homes by providing them with a way to control their lighting. The company is based in Cupertino, California.


Noon Home provides its main lighting services through the combination of three products: Room Director, Extension Switch, and Noom App. Room Director is a light switch that is designed to adjust the light levels of a room according to the adjustments set by the users through the Noom App. Extension Switch is the dimmer switch that pairs with the lighting products used in a room, thus allowing the light levels for the lamps to be arranged according to the users’ needs.


An additional function that can also be controlled through the Noom App is served through the On/Off Switch, which enables users to turn on and off devices such as ceiling and exhaust fans. Noon Home is currently serving two main customer base: homeowners and building contractors.


Since 2016, Noon Home has managed to raise $50 million in funding through two financing rounds – with its most recent round being a Series B in October 2017. Several past investors who have funded Noon Home were Bilal Zuberi, Dolby Family Ventures, E15 VC, and Lux Capital.


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 Noon (company)

U.S-based company offering smart home lighting service.

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