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Noodles (musician)

Noodles (musician)

Kevin John Wasserman (born February 4, 1963), better known by his stage name Noodles, is an American musician and singer who serves as the lead guitarist and backing vocalist for The Offspring.

Kevin John Wasserman was born in Los Angeles, California. Before joining The Offspring, Noodles played in a local band called Clowns of Death. He was allegedly in The Offspring because he was the only person old enough to provide alcohol for the rest of the members. He earned the nickname "Noodles" for his frequent noodling on the guitar. At one of the band's earlier shows, he was stabbed in the shoulder by a skinhead.

During the band's early days, Noodles worked as a janitor at Earl Warren Elementary School in Garden Grove. Before Smash was released, he had been planning to quit the band, but the surprising success of "Come Out and Play" forced him to reconsider.

On their DVD release Huck It (2000), as part of a mock interview, Noodles claims to like the "finer things in life", such as red wine, classical music, cigarettes, poetry and pasta. He occasionally goes snowmobiling and snowboarding.


February 4, 1963
Noodles was born.


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