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Noname Gypsy

Noname Gypsy

After canceling the release of 'Factory Baby' in December, Noname may be returning to the studio and the stage.

Fatimah Nyeema Warner, better known as Noname, is back in the studio. Some fans noticed the Chicago rapper’s name on the recently released Pitchfork Festival lineup, which came as a surprise after she previously announced an indefinite hiatus in December. Noname sparked further speculation and excitement with an Instagram post captioned “maybe 30 is too early to retire.” In the photo, Noname takes a mirror selfie next to her minimalist desktop recording setup, microphone clearly in view.

Noname has considered stepping away from performing and recording for several years now. In 2019, the rapper made a series of since-deleted tweets sharing her frustrations of performing in front of “predominantly white crowds” and the state of the music industry. “To be honest with you, my heart isn’t fully in it anymore,” said one tweet.



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