Nest.Bio Ventures

Nest.Bio Ventures

A venture capital and private equity firm investing in life science companies.

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Nest.Bio Ventures

Nest.Bio VenturesA takesventure acapital deepand science,private cross-borderequity approachfirm toinvesting translatingin breakthroughlife science into revolutionary companies.


Nest.Bio Ventures is a venture capital and private equity firm investing in life science companies that is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and was founded in 2016 by Cheryl Cui, Hingge Hsu, James Weis, and Daphene Teo.

Notable investments made by Nest.Bio Ventures include: Engine Biosciences, HiFiBio Therapeutics, ResTORbio, and Root Path. 

Nest.Bio Labs

Nest.Bio Labs is a business accelerator with over 40,000 square feet of laboratory and office space in the United States and Singapore for incubating biotechnology companies. Lab equipment available at Nest.Bio Labs include: thermocycler, qRT-PCR, plate washer and reader, light and UV microscopes, imaging stations, water purification systems, fume hoods, autoclaves, a cell culture room with biosafety cabinets and incubators, centrifuge, bottle wash, water baths, fridges, freezers, ice machines, and vacuum and nitrogen supplies at every lab bench.

Notable graduates and residents of Nest.Bio Labs are Beam Therapeutics, BioBot Analytics, Act Nano, Mother Dirt, Platelet Biogenesis, HiFiBio Therapeutics, Savran Technologies Inc., CuraCloud, Phast, FOUNT Bio, Glydebio, and Geode Therapetuics.