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Neocortix Cloud Services

Neocortix Cloud Services

A company offering cloud computing platform running on mobile devices.

Neocortix Cloud Services is a company offering cloud computing platform running on mobile devices that is headquartered in Santa Clara, California and was founded in 2013 by Lloyd Watts. The Neocortix Cloud Services platform is designed for tasks requiring both low cost and global geographic distribution such as load testing, CDN testing, network telemetry, 3D image rendering, and deep learning. The company provides financial compensation for each mobile device owner sharing their computational power for Neocortix Cloud Services.

The company's platform allows users to donate their smartphone processors while it is charging and connected to wi-fi. The company does not send advertisements to its users and does not access any of their personal information. The company claims users can earn up to $80/year if they are using it for 8 hours while charging each night, and up to $240/year if they use a spare phone charing 24/7. The company also has different phone categories which pay different rates depending on the computational power of the smartphone.



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