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Neat (videoconference hardware company)

Neat (videoconference hardware company)

A telecommunications technology company that designs and develops meeting room systems for Zoom. It was founded in 2019 and is located in Oslo, Norway.

Neat is an Oslo-based technology company that has designed and developed hardware for Zoom, a video conferencing application. The company manufactures the hardware as a consumer electronic which is meant for various uses, including for enterprises.


The company's product is called the "Neat Bar" that operates with the "Neat Pad Controller". It is a piece of hardware that is capable of connecting to Zoom for video conferencing. The hardware contains a acoustic ultrasonic sensor system which detects movement in the meeting room and activates the bar. The camera on the device is 12 megapixels and allows for the zooming and framing of people in the room. It also contains a sensor that perceives changes in lighting, which can then change the light being used for the camera in order to enable video clarity. There are five microphones to pick up audio and a tweeter for high fidelity sound.

The pad controller acts as a controller and scheduler. It is designed to operate with wireless internet and contains microphones in it as well.



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