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Natural food

Natural food

Food made from natural products, using ancient technologies and without the use of preservatives.

I am Niedielko Pavlo, an entrepreneur from the village Lishnya, Drohobych district, Lviv region.Ukraine.

In 2010 I built a grocery store near my house in the village SilMag, I was always interested in the theme of natural food, made or grown as long ago, when the products have a real original taste, smell and most importantly, that the use of these products only benefits no harm.

From the very beginning in 2011 I built a greenhouse for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and various greens. The greenhouse was heated by the ground I used two solid fuel boilers. My products were grown and sold in my shop, but later the firewood for heating became very expensive and my products turned out to be expensive and unprofitable.

Then in 2013, after considering everything, I decided to make a small workshop for the manufacture of various smoked meat and fish products. He studied on his own something from literature, something from the Internet, but still making mistakes where he made mistakes and spoiled the product many times, but later he studied everything in his experience, improved and began to make delicious and high quality products.

My products such as smoked sausages, ham, polenta, chicken, pork legs, sponder, lard, smoked fish began to be in great demand, people went to pick it up from neighboring cities and transferred it abroad. All this was achieved only because I used only natural ingredients in the production: meat, fish, spices and most importantly a natural preservative -is smoke from good oak or beech wood, without the use of various chemicals and liquid smoke.

My next step in 2015 was to start cheese production, bought a mini-brewery and found the minimum set of necessary equipment in a nearby village with a cow farm, learned online how to make cheese and started. I made all kinds of hard cheeses: Gouda, Royal, Russian, etc. and soft cheeses: Brynza, Ricotta, Mazzarella, Suluguni and Yedigey. After a long work in cheese-making, I realized that soft cheeses are in greater demand than hard due to the fact that hard cheeses have a much longer production time and therefore higher cost, so I stopped at making soft, natural, delicious cheeses.

From 2019, I planned to start production of bakery products. To do this, I had to build a mini-workshop in my yard for the production of meat and fish products, cheese making, baking, and at the same time I introduced the production of canned food and stews, and we make very strong and environmentally friendly moonshine from spring water.

The content of my many years of work in the production of natural, home-made products was not to use chemical and conservative additives, the content was that the food was healthy and tasty.

From additives I add only natural seasonings and spices, canning by two natural methods - smoking and drying of meat and fish products, as well as two physical methods - canning in glass jars and waxing in bags. Also in the production of bread, we gave up yeast, and uses sourdough for bread which was used in ancient Egypt, such bread is very useful for humans.

And my last idea in 2022 is related to NFT.Today NFT is gaining a lot of popularity in the world, there are many different NFT heroes and various accessories for them: clothes, transport, etc. My idea is to create NFT with the image of my environmentally friendly and natural products for different virtual heroes .


October 14, 2010
That day I started making homemade products
May 29, 1975
Natural food was born in Ukraine.


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January 25, 2022

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