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Naroch lake

Naroch lake

Lake Naroch in Minsk region, Belarus. History, review and photos of the tourist attraction in Belarus.

Naroch (Belarusian Narach, lit. Narutis, Naročius) is a lake in the Myadel district of the Minsk region of Belarus. It is located in the Naroch River basin on the territory of the Naroch National Park. Included in the Naroch group of lakes.

Origin of name

The name of the lake comes from the Nostratic base nVr-, which is widespread in the hydronymy of Eurasia (Nara, Nyaris, Nero, Neretva, Narev, Nerl, Nerekhta, etc.) and has the meaning “wet” or “flow”.

V. A. Zhuchkevich associated the name with the Lithuanian and Latvian nara “mermaid”, naras “dive”.

Physical and geographical characteristics

Bottom relief

Naroch is the largest lake in Belarus. The area of ​​its mirror is 79.6 km². The greatest depth is 24.8 m. The length of the largest diameter is 12.8 km. The length of the coastline is 40 km (fourth place among the lakes of Belarus). The volume of water is 710 million m³ (first place among the lakes of Belarus). The catchment area is 199 km². The surface area is 79.62 km². The height above sea level is 165 m. In total, sixteen streams flow into the lake, in addition to them, the Skema duct from Lake Myastro flows into Naroch from the east side, and the Naroch River flows from the southeast. The range of level fluctuations is about 2 m. It freezes in mid-December, opens in March-April.

On the shore of the lake there are settlements: the resort village of Naroch, villages: Antonisberg, Simony, Cherevki, Pasynki, Nikoltsy, Gatovichi, Zanaroch, Zubrenevka, Borovoe, Nanosy, Stepenevo, numerous sanatoriums, the oldest of them is the Naroch sanatorium (1963), for children Center "Zubryonok"


Lake Naroch appeared several thousand years ago, during the retreat of the glacier. On the way of the glacier to the north stood the Sventsyanskaya ridge. Water from the melting ice formed a huge body of water, from which later, with a decrease in the water level, lakes stood out, forming the Naroch group. Naroch is a typical representative of the nature of the north of Belarus - the Belarusian Lakeland.

During the First World War, in the vicinity of the lake in March 1916, the Naroch offensive operation took place - the first attempt to liberate the territory of Belarus from the German invaders[12]. The Naroch operation ended only with local success - the liberation of the city of Postavy and ten square kilometers of territory. The total number of dead and wounded on the part of the Russian Empire amounted to 78,000 people.

In 1991, the northern part of the coast was transferred to the Pasynki biological reserve. In 1999 Lake Naroch was included in the Naroch National Park.


25 species of fish live in Naroch (including perch, roach, tench, silver bream, burbot, eel, bleak and others), of which the largest is pike. On the lake and in the district there are nesting sites of mute swan, little tern, osprey, little grebe, listed in the Red Book of Belarus.


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