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The field of nanotherapeutics is the application of nanotechnology to medicine and drug development.

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The first marketed nanocrystal drug was Rapamune, an immunosuppressant introduced by Wyeth PharmaceuticalsWyeth Pharmaceuticals (Madison, NJ) in 2000. The previous form of the drug, known as Sirolimus (SRL) was poorly soluble and Rapamune, formulated using pearl mill technology increased bioavailability of the oral form of SRL by 21%. Emend launched by Merck (Winehouse Station, NJ) in 2003 was formulated from Aprepitant, a poorly water soluble anti-emetic medication. Triglide initially produced by Skypharma in 2005 and later marketed by Sciele Pharma Inc. (Altanta, GA), is a nanocrystal product derived from fenofibrate to treat hypercholestremia showed improved bioavailability and adhesiveness to the gut wall.

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