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The world's firstwater-based cryptocurrency

Our project combines Data Collection, Artificial Intelligence, Metaverse and Blockchain technology with one of the most promising sectors of the next 30 years, the so-called Blue Market - the wide market of water and related industries.

What is the Naiad Water Investment Coin?

It is a cryptocurrency based on real investments in water and land resources that gives investors real stability and no dependency on the exchange rate of the so-called "Technology Bubble".

How does the Naiad Water Investment Coin work?

It combines all the important aspects of an investment, utility and exchange tokens. You are investing in revolutionary projects in the technology industry, agriculture and the water market.

It allows the users to utilize water optimization technology in the form of an app and grants access to a platform dedicated to exchange and trade of water resources on both local and international markets in the future.

It is convertible into other cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies.

Our projects

Naiad Irrigation

The design of an irrigation system characterized by innovation and high efficiency in water consumption, based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology combined with environmental sensors.

The app learns to optimize water use for a specific plant under various conditions based on collected data.

The project includes implementation of the complete automation of the process with monitoring of environmental factors affecting the plants and irrigation control.

Technology can adequately manage irrigation, adjusting the degree of hydration individually for each crop and the specific environmental conditions.

Naiad MetaFarm

Project developed using new technologies and platforms of the Metaverse world. It allows the users to learn about us, our water saving and recovery solutions and experience the first prototype of crop growth forecast simulation in virtual reality.


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