NFX is a venture capital firm with locations in California and Israel . It was founded in 2015.

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Startup accelerator founded in 2015.

A startup accelerator with a focus on cultivating successful entrepreneurs. It has locations in California and Israel and was founded in 2015.


The company provides more software to early stage startups so that the founders can have the necessary components to succeed. It also uses techniques with each startup to aid with network growth. The company educates the founders of their invested startups about the methods that successful technology companies use.

Seed and early stage A companies can gain access to investments and the NFX Guild, which is an invite-only network of entrepreneurs. The network is comprised of founders from other NFX-backed companies and other successful founders. Earlier stage companies can also gain access to investments and get six months of hands-on support focusing on the aforementioned areas of product, network effects, and growth.

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