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NEAR Wallet

NEAR Wallet

NEAR is a scalable computing and storage platform that changes how the web works for the better. To create and manage accounts in the NEAR environment, there is NEAR Wallet, a non-custodial web wallet. They can be used on a computer or smartphone.

The developers of Near Protocol have created a web wallet Near Wallet for their own cryptocurrency.

NEAR Wallet is located at

Here you can choose a name for your account. It will have the format name.near , where the "name" part is the name the user chooses.

After choosing a wallet name, choose a recovery method.

At the development stage, it is necessary to activate the created account. In NEAR discovery, this happens by sending 0.2 $NEAR to the created account.

This is a necessary step, as a small amount of NEAR is required to keep an account in a ward. These tokens do not burn out, you can return them to yourself after deleting your account.


This is a blocking of any number of coins to receive a reward. The official NEAR Wallet has a built-in staking management feature, meaning it allows you to stake coins and withdraw them back to your wallet.

In NEAR, you can stake any amount for any period. The annual return is about ~11% per annum and may change over time. The validator's commission is calculated from the net income, which can range from 0% to 100%. No additional fees are charged for sending coins to or from staking, only the standard fees for conducting transactions within the limits, which in NEAR are usually 0.001-0.005 NEAR.

The validator's commission is taken only from users' income.

Near Wallet supports Ledger hardware wallet integration. If you have this device, then you can log into the wallet through it. It is also the safest way to stake NEAR tokens.


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