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My Crypto City

My Crypto City

Manage the MYCTY rocketlaunched to build the space epoch.

My Crypto City is a game representing the space age. It offers support for mobile platforms built on the Solana network. Story; The explosions in the solar system grew with each passing day, and most of human history was destroyed by meteorite fragments that came to Earth. Shortly before the world was destroyed, the space colony called MYCTY took action to bring the history of humanity to life. After a long time in the depths of space, the ship's radar came across an alien planet that provided living conditions. The crew descended towards the planet's surface. Buildings began to be built. First, the conditions for space farming were created and the production of vegetables and fruits in capsules was achieved. Valuable materials on the planet began to be extracted for structures. The extracted materials began to be processed in large space workshops. The growth of human history on the new planet and the era of colonization began.


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October 17, 2021

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